15% Exclusive Savings on Claro Balance Top-Ups for Dominican Diaspora

Claro balalnce for the Dominican Republic

Photo. credits: Ruddy Corporan

Claro balance for the Dominican Republic on your menu? Then this is for you! Calling all pals in the Dominican Republic diaspora who keep the connection alive with regular top-ups back home! 🌎✈️ If your friends and families are using a Claro balance back home, we’ve got an exclusive deal on MobileRecharge.com tailored just for you – the unsung heroes supporting families from afar. You can now save on your 500 DOP top-ups to Claro Dominican Republic between February 12-18.

Instead of the regular $9.5 price, the Claro balance is now only $8. And, of course, that applies on multiple Claro top-ups.

Claro balance on MobileRecharge.com

💙 #FamilyFirst

The current promo is available on MobileRecharge.com since the Dominicans make a big part of the community here. We know their constant generosity and praise for their families back home.

Claro balance for the Dominican Republic

Photo credits: Elias Vidal on Unsplash.com

And since in the world of expats, every connection matters, any aid that bridges the gap together counts. Plus when expats send Claro balance online, time and space boundaries disappear.

📱 Your Connection, Your Savings on Claro Balalnce Top-ups

Time to activate the savings on your Claro balance gifts back to the Dominican Republic by sending a generous 500 DOP mobile credit to your loved ones for less: $8. Yes, you heard it right – a significant discount from the regular price of $9.5. We understand the value of staying connected, and we’re here to make it easier on your pockets.

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⏰ Limited-Time Offer

Don’t wait too long! This exclusive 15% OFF deal is for a limited time only, until February 18, 2024. Seize the opportunity to make your top-ups go further and  recharge today on MobileRecharge.com or using the MobileRecharge app, which is free to install in seconds. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about making every connection more meaningful.

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