Cubacel Recharge Promo: FREE Data and minutes on top-ups to Cuba this Valentine’s

Cubacel recharge promo on

The latest Cubacel recharge promo is a special dedication to the Cuban diaspora on Not only does it arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day, but it also runs until February 29. Enjoy free credit on all your top-ups to Cuba throughout February, making it not just the love month but also the savings month for Cubans living abroad. 💙🇨🇺

Cubacel recharge promo

Make them even happier, although we have an explanation why Cubans are the happiest people in the world to fill in statistics.

Cubacel Recharge Promo: 14 GB, 75 minutes and 80 texts

For only 75.00 CUP the person in Cuba receives 14 GB of data (valid for all networks), 75 minutes and 80 text messages. The recipients will not receive 75 CUP in their main balance. They will get the Data, minutes and SMS instead, valid for 30 days.

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What your relatives in Cuba should know about the credit they receive

Cubacel recharge promo

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Alright, let’s break down the nitty-gritty in a way that’s as chill as a Cuban breeze. So, if your relatives in Cuba dive into the online world, they are free to roam all the national and international websites using the 14 GB gift from you.

Now, for those precious minutes and SMS – they’re not just for local chit-chats. They can feel free to dial up their pals internationally or shoot texts to their buddies across borders. Like yourself! It’s a small world after all with this Cubacel recharge promo.

Here’s the gist

All in all, the Cubacel recharge promo runs all February and brings free Cubacel data of up to 14 GB, minutes and texts available for 30 days for 75 CUP.

  • Open an account, it’s free and it takes 1 minute.
  • Fill in the form and send your top-up to Cuba
  • Bonus arrives immediately to Cuba.

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