3 cool options for recarga Telcel in Mexico from abroad: Amigo Sin Limite, Saldo Amigo, Internet Amigo

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Many Mexicans abroad send online top-ups to Telcel Mexico numbers via MobileRecharge.com or the MobileRecharge app for 3 clear reasons: family support and connectivity, fast transaction and the option to recharge other operators in Mexico from the same account. When it comes to the famous recarga Telcel in Mexico, many freeze first wondering which of the 3 options to choose: Amigo Sin Limite, Saldo Amigo, or Internet Amigo? Which offers what?

Let’s draw the line from the start: Saldo Amigo is basically calling credit. So, if that’s the piece of cake of your relatives in Mexico, that’s a good choice.

In case data is on the list of preferences of the person you’re sending the recarga Telcel to, things get more complicated at first. Despite the obvious, it’s worth revisiting and comparing the combos a bit, since they all have their cool features included. Budget and features will make the difference!

Let’s compare the packs closely

  • Amigo Sin Limite #1 includes unlimited talk time and SMS at a reasonable price; not only nationwide, but also minutes to Canada and the USA.
  • Internet Amigo packs offer higher data allowances compared to Amigo Sin Limite.
  • Amigo Sin Limite include additional perks like Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition.
  • Internet Amigo are generally priced higher due to the higher data allowances and longer validity periods compared to Amigo Sin Limite which offers lower data allowances and fewer additional features at a lower cost.

Talking about Amazon Prime credit, on MobileRecharge.com you cand send Netflix credit to Mexico in seconds. The option is separate and is a gift cards. Here are more details in this article.

Amigo Sin Limite combos

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  • Data range: 1.3 GB to 4 GB 
  • Price range: $6.4 to $19.15
  • Social Media: Unlimited access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram
  • Additional features: some packs include 500MB Claro Musica and Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition
  • Validity period:  15 to 30 Days
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Internet Amigo combos

  • Data range: 1.6 GB to 8 GB
  • Price range: $6.2 to $33
  • Social Media: Unlimited access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram
  • Additional features: Combo 2 onwards includes 500MB Claro Musica
  • Validity period: 15 to 30 Days

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