3 Best Cinco de Mayo Deals for world Mexicans who want to support their families

Conco de Mayo top-up deals for the Mexican diaspora

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The bonus bar is open for the Mexican diaspora on MobileRecharge.com, and here are the 3 best Cinco de Mayo deals for top-ups abroad. No matter where you live, Bait and Telcel deals are now available to support your family in Mexico with the unbeatable talking credit. Yes, the easiest to send gift too for the holidays these days.

So, party people, Cinco de Mayo is here, and the fiesta is just getting started with these 3 best Conco de Mayo deals we can offer! The fun doesn’t stop there – we’re keeping the party rolling all through May and June with the electrifying bonuses from Telcel.

For global Mexicans

So, what’s on the menu?

🎉 Telcel Sin Amigo

Get your groove on with free Prime Video Mobile Edition! It’s valid for recharges of Plans 2, 3, 4, and 5. But hurry, the party ends on June 30! Don’t miss out on this caliente deal!

📱 Telcel Internet Amigo

Keep the good times rolling with free Prime Video Mobile Edition! This offer is exclusively for Plan 2 top-ups, so don’t be fashionably late – the fiesta ends on June 30!

🎁 Lucky Draw for Bait

Feeling lucky? Recharge with any amount and enter the draw for some exciting prizes! But don’t dilly-dally – the last day to recharge and join the fun is June 30!

So, amigos, grab your sombreros and join us as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with Telcel’s sizzling bonuses! 🥳💃🌮🎊

Mexican diaspora deals

Which pack should I choose to send them?

Indeed, since Bonuses apply on multiple packs, now there’s the question “Which Telcel bundle to choose?” Briefly:

  • Amigo Sin Limite #1 includes unlimited talk time and SMS at a reasonable price; not only nationwide, but also minutes to Canada and the USA.
  • Internet Amigo packs offer higher data allowances compared to Amigo Sin Limite.
  • Amigo Sin Limite include additional perks like Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition.
  • Internet Amigo are generally priced higher due to the higher data allowances and longer validity periods compared to Amigo Sin Limite which offers lower data allowances and fewer additional features at a lower cost.

Here’s the detailed comparison to help you make your choice.

Mexican diaspora help families back home

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