How to send gift cards to different countries for Easter

You don’t need to be street smart or scientific to understand why to send gift cards to people in the USA or other countries is so trendy and useful. And why gift cards are a practical and thoughtful gifting solution for Easter, allowing both expats and Americans to celebrate the holiday and express their love and appreciation for their friends and family.

The benefits of sending gift cards online

Expats worldwide, and even locals in the USA or other parts of the world buy gift cards for Easter for various reasons:

  1. Convenient gifting option: online, using one platform for several people/gifts, and 1-minute transaction.
  2. Flexibility to select gifts that suit individual preferences and needs, making sure gifts do not fail and are truly appreciated; from favorite stores, restaurants to transportation and their favorite entertainment platforms like Netflix and Spotify.
  3. Great for long-distance relationships; for expats who are unable to be physically present with their loved ones during Easter, gift cards offer a way to send thoughtful gifts across distances without the logistical challenges of shipping physical items.
  4. Last-minute gifts; online gift cards can be acquired in seconds, and delivered immediately, ideal when there is not enough time to shop for a specific item. for your Easter gifts

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Send gift cards to friends in the USA

Online gift cards are like the superheroes of gifting in the USA! They swoop in with their capes of convenience and save the day when you’re in a pinch for the perfect present.

With a few clicks, you can summon them from the digital realm and bestow upon your loved ones the power to choose their own destiny (or at least their own gifts). It’s like giving them a golden ticket to an endless treasure trove of goodies, except without all the chocolate stains! So, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can gift them the freedom to choose? Go ahead, be their gifting superhero with online gift cards!

So, it’s about going to platforms like and picking up the right thing: entertainment, shopping, you name it.

  1. What’s left? Send the gift cards to the US people on your list and pay super easy.
  2. Instant delivery to their phone.

MobileRecharge gift cards for USA

Send gift cards to the Philippines

For those with relatives in the Philippines, you may be familiar with BIGO LIVE.  If not (yet), well, BIGO LIVE is a free live streaming platform that allows you to go live, watch live streams, live games, live shows, and video chat online. Very popular in the Philippines! So, if you need to send gift cards to the Philippines, this is a good choice for the young generation or the young and restless minds.

Therefore, here are the steps:

  • Go pick one of the 3 cards: 300 PHP, 500 PHP, 1000 PHP
  • Pay safely via your credit/debit card or PayPal
  • Done! The gift reaches the phone number of your friend and they need to use the PIN received by SMS to redeem the value.

MobileRecharge for Pinoy

Send gift cards to Mexico

MobileRecharge gift cards

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Gift cards serve as a practical and thoughtful way for expats to stay connected with their loved ones in Mexico and support them financially and emotionally. On you can find Mi Despensa Paisano Mexico, Neflix and Spotify Mexico credit. It takes 1 minute to grab any, and the delivery is instant.

  • You send the gift card online using
  • The relative or friends in Mexico gets a PIN instantly by SMS.
  • They need to redeem the credit by introducing the PIN received on the platform of the provider, say Netflix.

MobileRecharge for gift cards

Send gift cards to Mexico

Check the whole LIST OF COUNTRIES where you can send gift cards to for Easter. Pick from a comprehensive list, and remember you have instant delivery for the lowest processing fee on the market.