3 extraordinary Amazon books on Cuban childhood that go hand in hand with the recent Cubacel Cuba bonus

Cubacel Cuba bonus

Photo credits: Ricardo IV Tamayo on Unsplash.com

Right at the beginning of the pandemic, January 2020, a new Cuban story was launched in the US. Oliva Espín’s book “My Native Land is Memory: Stories of a Cuban Childhood”. The topic? The life memories of a California-based Professor of Women’s Studies, who, like many Cuban expats we know from MobileRecharge.com, moved between Cuba and the US, leaving a good mark on both continents. Which made us think about 3 Amazon stories on Cuban childhood and later life. But, we would not talk about any of this if it weren’t for the recent TRIPLE Bono+ from abroad to Cubacel Cuba numbers, running May 24-29, 2021. Because we recommend these books to our fans, the Cubans worldwide, as well as Cuba friends or fans.

Under the Royal Palms: A Childhood in Cuba by Alma Flor Ada

Amazon book about Cuba after your Cubacel Cuba recharges

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Under-Royal-Palms-Childhood-Cuba/dp/0689806310

First it was Alma Flor Ada’s Where the Flame Trees Bloom. Next the companion volume in November 1998: Under the Royal Palms: A Childhood in Cuba. The author shares inspiring stories and reminiscences drawn from her childhood on the island of Cuba. We see how the events and relationships she had with real characters helped shape who she is today.

For example, the deep friendship with a beloved dance teacher, her mysterious Uncle Manolo, who dedicated his life to healing lepers, a second uncle in love with flying, yet dying in a plane crash. The recollections are tragic and humorous, poignant and deep, just like a Cuban soul. Very encouraging for kids, in the sense that it gives that boost to discover your own stories, in one’s own life, and celebrate personal values and familiarity while struggling to grow up wisely.

My Native Land is Memory: Stories of a Cuban Childhood by Oliva Espín

My Native Land is Memory by Oliva Espín

Source: https://www.amazon.com/My-Native-Land-Memory-Childhood/dp/0916304191

In January 2020 on the pandemic eve within the USA, the Cuban story of Oliva Espín was out of the print house and right on Amazon. The book’s name: My Native Land is Memory: Stories of a Cuban Childhood. It covered life memories of a California-based feminist professor, traveling a lot between Cuba and the US, and having a significant impact in both countries. Again, available on Amazon, where we also found these nice reviews.

Reading My Native Land is Memory: Stories of a Cuban Childhood, through my own memories of my teacher, allowed me to discover a new story, something different from the person I knew as a teenager and her student, but fascinating and enriching at the same time. This book helped me discover the brave nakedness of her soul. It made me understand again that each human being can be a source of enlightenment for others if that person is able to write down dreams, losses, weaknesses, and triumph. In reading this book I discovered my own life anew, the life I left behind when I left Cuba and I understand.” (Virginia Aponte | Theater Director and Professor Emerita | Universidad Católica | Andrés Bello, Caracas, Venezuela)

Right from the beginning, My Native Land is a raw, compelling journey to a Cuba about to be changed forever. Oliva Espín’s unique perspective and powerful writing emotionally captures an immigrant’s story that resonates across countries and is relevant today. (Ronnie Ramos | Executive Editor – The Daily Memphian)

Oliva Espín gives us a personal and moving view of her life as a girl looking for her identity and independence in those difficult days in Cuba. Beautifully written. (Teresita Yániz de Arias Movimiento de Mujeres | Secretaria Nacional del Plan Alimentario Nutricional Diputada de la República 1999-O4. 2004-O9 | Panama)

Cuba. Another Side of the Story: Memoirs of a Cuban Childhood by Iris M. Diaz

 Iris M. Diaz: Cuba: Another Side of the Story: Memoirs of a Cuban Childhood

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Cuba-Another-Story-Memoirs-Childhood/dp/1450099890

Most opinions about the book wow. The point of view of the Cuban child explaining a historical time… that is most striking. The book is a volume of short stories but has the bones of a coherent memoir. You can imagine, that offers a pretty unique perspective of Cuba’s dazzling past.


Source: https://www.amazon.com/Cuba-Another-Story-Memoirs-Childhood/dp/1450099890

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Cubacel Cuba bonus

Photo credits: Ricardo IV Tamayo on Unsplash.com

Cubacel Cuba promo

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