Have you noticed how many daily gestures change lives and pass unnoticed? Like your long-distance support for people back home too. But, that has been changing since 2015, when we launched World Top Up Day for expats and people who make independent mobile top ups online. The day is set on November 10 every year, and it brings top up supporters or Givers (as we call you :) ) front page. We’ll go the EXTRA MILE with World Top Up Day 2019.

Just some hints: big savings for you and gifts on your behalf for people in need. Yes, you heard it well. You get to donate without doing any extra effort or paying anything extra, on the contrary! ;) You’ll get to send a donation to Kiva cases along with your regular Mobile Recharge.

Below, we’ll explain what’s in for you this year, how you can invest in people who need support and how your gesture IS ON US. We’re very enthusiastic about it all, and hopefully you’ll be too.

1. WIN a free top up. Cool & easy!

See you on Facebook, in the expat community between November 4 – 10. You can win a free top up out of those 30 out for grabs. Cool, right?

We promise it’s F-U-N. So, basically if you’re not interested or inspired in leaving a simple comment (really simple) to one or all the 3 contest questions, you can read the others’ comments, and meet people like you…

The more comments you leave, the higher the chances to win the draw!

2. Go to Promotions page for huge bonuses

Besides the free top ups on Facebook, you can save big on your recharges abroad by simply visiting PROMOTIONS on or the tab in the app.

There are numerous deals running every day for the African countries, the Caribbean or South America. But there are also other unexpected destinations… Give it a try!

3. Don’t miss the SURPRISE on November 10

That’s basically the jackpot way to save on your top ups around World Top Up Day 2019 wave. No need to bother about anything but save the date and be there on the website on November 10, 2019.

If you work better with notifications, you better take extra measures:

Check out the “Get offers” button down the homepage. it’s red and big, you cannot miss it. Then just take a 1-2 breaths to subscribe.

If you’re already subscribed, the big red Lebowski won’t show. Still talking about the “Get offers” button… So, that’s how you make sure you’ll get the deals by email, my friend!

Oh, and set up some sort of email notification (visual, audio & visual). Because between November 4 – 10, you’ll get some goodies in your Inbox, to help you save big on your international top ups to family and friends abroad.

4. Donate by simply making a regular top up

This year, all recharges going through on November 10 will push a KINDNESS button.

Your top up on November 10 not only will be a great support for your folks, but it will automatically help someone in need make a change in his/her community. You’ll invest in change! Let me tell you more…


For every top up fans of make that day, we add to our charity wallet. And on Monday, November 11 around 11 am (see the lucky line up 11-11-11), we draw the line and make the big donation you’ve also contributed.

What is KIVA?

Good question! Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 in San Francisco, that manages crowdfunding loans for ambitious people in underserved communities who strive to set up a business, but don’t have financial support from the state or other entities. We’ll show you some cases below to have a clearer idea.

Through Kiva’s activity, students can pay for tuition, women can start businesses, farmers are able to invest in equipment and families can afford needed emergency care. Kiva hosts eco-friendly businesses, and focuses on people working in agriculture, education, refugees, war-conflict areas, etc.


MobileRecharge team has been lending to / investing in start up entrepreneurs from the third world countries in the last 12 years. So, we developed a preference for their responsibility and courage.

How does KIVA use your automatic donation?

Basically, for every $1 donated, Kiva facilitates $8 in loans! And that’s a big change for start up businesses in 77 slow developing communities, with a repayment rate of 97%. Wow!

Kiva’s staff and volunteers are selected people with a high sense of ethics. In the charity world, they are known for working hard to ensure that every dollar donated to Kiva is used efficiently.

Watch YOUR charity work wonders

You can follow Kiva cases of your choice, and remember YOU’ve contributed too. Here are some Kiva stories…

#1 Marquita’s story 


Marquita is from Timor. She’s 30 and has set up her own livestock business many years back, with her own capital. She grows goats. Marquita has a livestock business that she first started up with her own working capital. Her goats grow freely, and feed on good grass and water. When the goats are mature, she sells them to the local market in order to generate income for her loving family.

#2  Ahlam’s milk, cheese and butter story

Ahlam is 37 and is the mother of 2 kids. Her husband is a farmer for landlords, but she has a small cattle business for dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. Two years ago, she acquired a loan that was very useful at that time to set up the business and now she needs to move on with another loan.

#3 Zohidjon’s woodworking story


Zohidjon loves his profession and is trying to grow. At 37, he’s a married man, a caring father of two, and a proud woodworker for more than 10 years. But his woodcraft would go down if cannot improve the quality by purchasing more wood and the necessary woodworking implements. Zohidjon is a returning borrower and has a positive credit history.

#4 Sidra’s school at only 28


At only 27, Sidra manages a school in a marginalized community. At present, Sidra is planning to build extra classrooms. However, there is a lack of money for bearing the expenses related to construction.

TO DO asap

Photo by mehdi lamaaffar on Unsplash

Few things you can do to warm up for World Top Up Day 2019 to make the best of your top up budget, don’t miss any deal, and do some charity that will get you on the next emotional level.

#1 Put down the names of all the people you want to surprise

First, get a sheet of paper ready to put down all your family members and friends who usually need your top ups support. And here’s a secret… Add your enemies too (kidding, you have no enemies, right?) and second rate friends, because the SURPRISE you’ll have on November 10 will help you send more than you can usually afford. We won’t spoil the surprise, but just saying…

#2 Visit to see where your FREE charity goes

Once again, you don’t have to pay anything. We donate for you when you make your top up. It’s a win-win-win situation :) But before you move along with the top up on November 10 you may want to have a look at the nice stories on

#3 Open a free account on or get the free app

Yes, to benefit of all promos between November 4-10, make sure you’ve got a free account on or you’ve got MobileRecharge app installed. No contract, no fee for that. And it takes seconds. You can do it from your phone or laptop. Visit us between November 4-10, and go ahead: take advantage of whatever deal fits you. ;)

#4 Make sure you’re on Facebook

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

Time to challenge yourself a bit… Facebook is not so much lately about exposing yourself, but more about sharing information, activism, events, group sharing… If you didn’t have the guts or pleasure or trust to be one of the Facebook members yet, consider it. Many brands have giveaways, or keep fans updated about DEALS that can help save big. It’s the same with World Top Up Day 2019. All updates and free top ups happen on the community page.

#5 Keep Calm & “Get offers” in your inbox

An alternative to Facebook. But also a means to get special DEALS in your inbox directly.

Just to keep calm and hit the “Get offers” button on the, remember that the email subscription with us is not about false advertising or nagging. We’ll send you offers, coupons and important changes that affect you. Spam-free. World Top Up Day 2019 emails are rich in surprises. It’s a good way to stay updated, basically!