5 ways I understood from my mother to be a good person

Andreea is one of our interns who decided to share with us all her own life lessons, where the teacher is “my mother”. The talk started when we found out that many local operators extended their Mother’s Day offers for international mobile top ups, and that Mother’s Day has already turned into Mother’s Month without us even realizing it. BTW, the lockdown deals that still make great gifts for your folks are at the end of this article.

Andreea’s story of her mom’s lessons…

Femininity is the most sensitive thing in the world. Feminine love makes people go through the storms in their life. It means hope, peace and joy. Maybe this is human nature. I hope everyone has a kind of energy from their mothers, this really makes us good people. So, there are 5 ways how I learned to be a good person.

woman holding her kid

Photo by M.T ElGassier on Unsplash

  1. Politeness

 My mother taught me what love means and how to let people know that I respect them. She taught me that “Good morning/evening”, “Thank you!”, “Sorry” are magic words and I have to use them always.

  1. Listen to each other

There are some moments in our life when we need attention from our mother even though we are mature people. We need to be listened to and approved. Mothers always have something good to say when we have a problem. This behavior increases our confidence. I like to talk about many subjects with my mother.

  1. Honor

“A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future…” (Croft M. Pentz)

My mother encouraged me to always tell the truth because a lie is easy to forget. She said that I have to act according to my own personality and be aware of what I say because people will have unrealistic expectations.

  1. Loyalty

When we have to go away from home, the connection between our minds and our mother keeps on. We can see that in our small gestures, the way we used to cook, to clean the house, maybe the music we listen to. There are many things that remind me of my mother.

in the world that don’t have one. If she is alive, stay together, keep in touch with her and call her as often as possible. Don’t let her miss you out!

  1. Never have expectations from others

If you want to be happy, choose to be happy, try to find something that makes you really happy and hold on to it, that’s what she said. There are situations in your life when you understand that “friend” is something only you can really be for yourself. My mother taught me how to care about me and love myself.

If you are lucky to have a good mother, be happy because there are more people in the world that don’t have one. If she is alive, stay together, keep in touch with her and call her as often as possible. Don’t let her miss you out!

mother holding her child

Photo credits: Xavier Mouto on Unsplash

If my mom would read this, she may be crying… So, would yours…

So, if your mom lives in some other country, send her a gift. She deserves your attention, just like mine deserves my attention. Take care of her and take of yourself!

All in all…

We turn Mother’s Day into Mother’s Month on MobileRecharge.com starting this May, with plenty of deals for moms living abroad. Because she took care of us when we needed it, and now it’s our turn to respect and protect her. This month it’s all about MOMS and we turn it into an international trend. Because a single day is not enough… Let’s face it!