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15 work from home jobs you can choose during and after the lockdown

Today we’re looking at work from home jobs, platforms and opportunities. Why? Many of us got struck by the economic effects of COVID-19 pandemic, whether the work load changed or got unemployed, and thus work from jobs got into our Google search. Others started reconsidering the idea of work from home, tired of working more than 8 hours a day before the lockdown, plus extra time commuting. So, it came naturally to see what options we have… in a time when work from jobs become a trendy topic. Look how work from home jobs got into the daily talk, instead of the freelance niche. So what if you worked in the production field, so what if some requirements are totally new? People learn all their lives, make changes and adapt and that’s a sign of being young.

If you come to think about it, even if we never got into this conversation before, it may be worth it at this point. Because with an 8-hour job plus commuting,  we get back home exhausted, and few of us are still up for heroic things around the house or playing with our kids, or our hobbies… The lockdown opened up possibilities many of us would otherwise postpone or never consider.

For those who don’t exclude work from home jobs now or in the near future here’s a mini-guide to start with. Some options out there for grab, trial and error. Oh, and leave MobileRecharge.com tab open while reading this. It may come in handy for your online mobile top ups… for you or your folks far away.

Amazon Virtual Locations

Amazon makes available different work from home jobs in different parts of the world, from the USA to Costa Rica. As for the fields of expertise, from Customer Support, Retail, Media and many more. Positions range from assistant to Management. And Spanish, Portuguese and German speakers are definitely more than welcomed. Have a look yourself >>

Also, there are many groups and individuals sharing how they started a business online on Amazon. Best for anyone dreaming to be an online entrepreneurHere’s an example. 

It seems a crazy idea, but Amazon works this way, and if you have patience and some e-commerce skills to develop or make available, there’s an option. Here’s an explanatory video.


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Work from home jobs are the basic core of PeoplePerHour.com. Make an inventory of your skills and it’s almost impossible not to find your place here. Whether you are a translator, a copywriter, a translator or a Google SketchUp expert… you can look for job announcements on this platform. Curious what you’ll find. Leave us a comment…

The way it works is project related. Brands or individuals post their needs / tasks and freelancers pick the project. More details here >>


Good english, fast typing good listening skills? Audio Transcription is for you then… And it gets paid well.

We like to think about RemoteTasks as of a LinkedIn with an immediate task to it. For example they post tasks like… to “identify keywords that describe what’s in an image or text” or “Draw bounding boxes around various objects to help determine what’s where” or “search the web and collect data about anything”.  How does it sound?

Work from home jobs are task-related, and one can get certified for their input. They have a variety of tasks available, mainly related to text, image and video.

More details here >> 

Become an online Marketer in 4 days

If advertising is appealing to you, and you like stories or movies with good stories, you can start one or more Google Workshops or courses in Marketing on your own, for FREE. Because Google makes available resources to develop new skills and get into the digital marketing field in few days. There’s also the option to get certified. The exam takes about 3 hours and you’re qualified to advertize for your own business or get a job in advertising. Wow, right? And once a marketer, work from home jobs are all over the place…

Opportunities on Jooble.com

At a simple glance, you can see the volume of work from home jobs also got higher on Jooble.com too. Jobs in Sales and even handy work is offered from home. Have a look yourself and browse over coffee, open minded.

Self-employed & your personal skills

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Maybe society taught you that you need to be an employee, but have you ever considered self-employment? A small business of your own to perform at home? It takes some papers to register, some skills you already have, and discipline. You can be a tailor and alter “edit” clothes if you can sew and have a sewing machine, you can tutor kids who cannot catch up in school, or teach a foreign language (your mother language) or be a proofread, or a massage therapist who goes to their clients for people who cannot go to a salon.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to run a self-employment business >>

Here’s an article about Best Paid Self-Employed jobs per industry you can start >> 

Here are more options of work from home jobs from TheSimpleDollar, including data entry & medical transcriptionist >>

The challenge here is… can you be a good boss for yourself? :)

Don’t underestimate your learning skills and potential, because we know expats have always impacted the world, despite all personal challenges. And here are some examples. 

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