5 Life Lessons from fans’ Mothers you’ll find hard to forget

Mothers have their own specific way of approaching life, just like hikers or scientists have their own. They somehow give up looking at it theoretically, and instead spend a lot of time observing it and drawing conclusions. They pass the lessons of experience on to their kids.

Here are 5 smashing life lessons from MobileRecharge.com fans’ moms, as told by their kids, now adults, of different cultural origins. They unfolded their stories, with great nostalgia, while celebrating Mother’s Day within the MobileRecharge.com Facebook community

Mothers’ life lessons from different corners of the world are now hard to forget, once known. Find below tips from Sheila’s mom, healthy thoughts from Samuel’s and DhAram Shah’s moms, and the inherited life lessons of Fatima, the winner of the Mother’s Day contest free top up with Mobilerecharge.com.

#1 Love life & follow your heart!

Shelia Diane Nduka tells the story that reunites her and her mom: My mom taught me to love life and follow my heart and my dreams, so I found love from another world in Africa, I followed my dream and married the love of my life, thanks mom for all your love and support happy mothers day mom, I love you so much. 

#2 Embrace the moment, don’t hang on the past

So well known now by those who practice spirituality and conscious living, “living in the NOW” or living the moment is an old lesson. Prashanth Kumar remembers his mom not only talking about this as many of us do these days. She has been demonstrating it, and has been living up to her beliefs and shared it with her child.

Prashanth Kumar: Throughout my life, my mom has always shown me how to embrace the present moment. She never seems to dwell on the past or stress overly about the future. She is one of the few people I know who really knows how to live in the now.

#3 Be a loving mother, aka a friend

What a better example of motherhood if not your own mom? Fatima points out the importance of child appraisal and encouragement, but also clear realistic guidance and rules for a balanced mother-child relationship. And this is one of the life lessons inherited from her mom.

Fatima Campo Marin: My mother taught me to be the mother that I am now, a mother who loves deeply his 4 children, who gives them appraisal when they do good things, but also corrects them when they do something bad. Simply my mother taught me to be a friend and mother for my children.

#4 Be ready to jump over obstacles

Obstacles are difficulties we encounter all through our life. It’s what we call today teaching a child how to handle different situations he or she experiences. Realism and wisdom, two magnificent ingredients of mothers.

No one escapes obstacles, since experience and changes bring personal limits to light and new challenges. Samuel tells the story of a realistic mom, teaching him the lesson of embracing obstacles and overcoming the inevitable limits and problems anyone encounters, whether in school, personal development or daily social interaction, job or close relationships. It’s all a step forward once you get out of the comfort zone and jump into the unknown, trying to make some light. Avoiding obstacles is fantasy, acknowledging them… life.

Samuel Peñate: My mother taught me everything, how to survive the outside world that can harm me, and she’ll learn not to be afraid of what comes because there will always be obstacles and I must be ready for them.

DhAram Shah: My mom taught me how to deal with the obstacles.

#5 Be respectful with others

Whether simple strangers or friends, respect brings peace and appreciation for life. In most cultures respect is love and acknowledgement of individuality. And moms know it in their hearts and minds.

A respectful child and later adult will most probably also receive respect from others, and will definitely have more benefits than the aggressive intolerant adult. There are cultures where respect is a must when it comes to elders, thanks to their traditional beliefs, their processed experience, and this is something we also find natural in the animal world.

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