5x PROMO to send data to Cuba between January 12-21

MobileRecharge.com for Cubans abroad and their families in Cuba

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Dear Cuban expats worldwide, time to hit the jackpot again on behalf of your families and friends back in Cuba. Data to Cuba now available with a 5x Promo until January 21, 2024. So, leave behind the clichés and dive into 2024 with the same awesome you, only better! And a spectacular offer of a rare 5x bonus on your Cubacel top-ups because settling for less is so old fashioned.

Data to Cuba bonus in January 2024


What’s your folks In Cuba receive for free between January 12 to 21, for your top-ups

  1. 2500 CUP + Unlimited Data Bonus for 500 CUP
  2. 3500 CUP + Unlimited Data Bonus for 700 CUP
  3. 5000 CUP + Unlimited Data Bonus for 1000 CUP

Seize this opportunity to make the most of your top-ups.

Hurry, the offer is valid from January 12-21, 2024 (Cuba time).

How can relatives in Cuba use the Bonus

MobileRecharge.com for data to Cuba

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The bonuses and unlimited internet access (from 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.) stay active for 30 days, while the main balance remains valid for a whopping 330 days from the recharge.

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Therefore, the January bonus is a great way to support your Cuban folks, or send last-minute gifts with a twist. Basically, you’re saving big too if you do the math.

Take these easy steps and send a FREE SMS too.

data to Cuba on MobileRecharge.com

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