Cubacel’s Mega Bonus: 5x Cubacel Balance + GB Galore

Hey, Cubacel fans! Let’s start with the best news this January: 5x Cubacel balance available between January 25-31. Second best news: mega data bonus too. Cubacel promotion

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So, continue January with a bang with the unbeatable promotion coming your way on or via MobileRecharge app (free to install btw).

We’re talking 5 TIMES your main Cubacel balance PLUS a bonus stash of GB to fuel all the data your family in Cuba needs.

What you pay and what you send

MobileRecharge cubacel promotion

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Here’s the lowdown on the fantastic offers waiting for you:

  • 500 CUP Recharge:
  • 600 CUP Recharge:
    • 3000 CUP main balance
    • 25 GB Bonus
  • 700 CUP Recharge:
    • 3500 CUP main balance
    • 25 GB Bonus
  • 1000 CUP Recharge:

… and the bonuses keep getting bigger! Now, let’s dive into the Terms and Conditions (because even amazing promotions have a few backstage rules):

When? The party starts on January 25 and wraps up on January 31, 2024, at 23:59 (Cuba time).

Who’s Eligible? Customers reloading 500 CUP or more are in for the bonus bonanza. Quintuple your recharge in the main balance and snag an extra GB Bonus if you’ve got active international recharges, plans, or promotions.

Bonus Buffet

MobileRecharge offers

  • The GB Bonus dances into your life for 30 days from the recharge date.
  • Main balance keeps the party going for a whopping 330 days.

The Extra Scoop:

  • Customers with active international goodies get a 30-day extension on their plans.
  • Balance bonuses, SMS, and MIN bonuses stick to their original expiration dates.

Tell your family in Cuba

That they should use *222# to track your main balance and dial 222266# or 222BON# to check out their bonus resources. Queries? Absolutely free!

Follow 3 easy steps

  1. Open a free account on and use coupon WELCOME5BLOG to get 10% OFF your first order.
  2. Fill in the purchase form online in less than 1 minute.
  3. Send the Cubacel balance plus the bulky bonus. It will reach the destination immediately, no matter where you live.

Use the MobileRecharge app, free to install, if you prefer apps.

More tips

Keep the Fun Going: Your main balance opens doors to calls, bag purchases, plan activations, transfers, and even joining the Amigo plan.

Reload Unlimited Times: Feel the urge to reload again? Go for it! Just remember, there’s a maximum limit for both main balance and bonuses.

mobilerecharge for cubans

Stay Active: To keep the fiesta alive, hit the international recharge button with a minimum of 500 CUP. Enjoy 330 days of service, plus an extra 30 days buffer before any service interruptions.

Discount Dance: Discounts? Yes, but no interruptions. We’ve got your back.

Priority Parade: GB Bonus steals the spotlight with its all-network traffic during the magic hours of 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

For the Tech Geeks: If you’ve got UNLIMITED INTERNET, dive into the online world during the golden hours. Outside that time frame, the discount order kicks in, ensuring you get the most out of your bonuses.

Get ready to make this January unforgettable with CubaCel’s Mega Bonus Extravaganza! Quintuple the fun, surf the web with bonus GB, and keep the celebrations going all month long. Don’t miss out on the fiesta – recharge now! 🎉💰📱