7 really helpful apps for Cubans living abroad

Apps for Cubans abroad

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There’s always room for language improvement when you’re living abroad. Or a way to find your fellow Cubans around your area. Or an online course for a new qualification, or a new language for a new job. Or an app to help you help your folks. Today we’re focusing on the cool apps for Cubans in the US for language learning, new skills, socializing or Cuba support. Affordable or free. And… an EXTRA TIP on how to make the best of the NEW CUBACEL promo in March for super-fast top ups to mobiles in Cuba.

What can happen if you don’t speak a good English

Yes, the best teacher out there for Cubans in the USA or other parts of the world may be a language bath, mingling in the crowd, or part-time exposure to local talk and locals. Times are still weird for that. We’re left with TV shows and movies to practice listening to English or other languages.

We’ve probably all been in strange situations where language can create hilarious scenes. Like this one… It gets really weird and even embarrassing or dangerous when that happens at your workplace.

We recommend Babbel app for Cubans who want to learn German, Swedish and so on. It’s interactive, which makes learning fun. It’s affordable and uses a fast-learning method, unlike what you’re learning in school. Oh, and what’s also amazing if not the best about it is that teaches real-life conversational English or other languages.

apps to learn foreign languages

Babbel can be used to perfect your English, by using Spanish to get into the English-Spanish game, yet it is not designed to teach English.

Another app for Cubans interested in English is Duolingo. Luckily, it resembles a game too. So, it’s competitive and fun, and while doing that you can acquire a good vocabulary. It is said that a module equals 1 semester in university.

Duolingo has a 35+ language database and it’s free.

Learning new skills… in Spanish

Domestika for Cubans

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Oh, there’s one that rules. Domestika with the best trainers out there. It’s the lrgest creative community and can give you all the tools you need to get a new qualification.

Domestika for Cubans abroad

Photo credits: https://www.domestika.org/en/apps

It’s interactive, made-easy at your pace, fun. And mainly in Spanish. And the courses range from Web Content and photography to textile design and sound engineering. You name it, it’s there.

Best app for international calls to Cuba: PhoneClub

With the PhoneClub app what you pay is what you get. They are our friends, so we know they have no maintenance fee, no extra fees, no connection fees. And definitely the best rates on the market for calling Cuba, considering the clean connection.

PhoneClub for calls to Cuba

PhoneClub app is also great for Cubans in the US, New Zealand, Australia, UK and Canada. It offers the option to call in 2 different ways. With or without an internet connection. That is available with the latest version.

The app is free to instal and the rates to call Cuba are: 57.6 cents/minute to landlines there, and 58 cents/minute to call mobiles.

Listen to Cuban radios with TuneInRadio

TuneInRadio app heals homesickness while keeping you updated with what’s going home back home in Cuba. It offers a range of radio stations in Cuba as well as podcasts in Spanish.

Find your expat community with ExpatBuddy

If MobileRecharge is a community that brings expats on the same platform for top ups worldwide, the ExpatBuddy app brings expats on the same platform for socializing and mutual support. The way they explain…

ExpatBuddy is a FREE and easy-to-use mobile app that connects you with like-minded expats.

Send Cubacel credit in seconds with MobileRecharge app

MobileRecharge app is free to install in Spanish, which makes it easy to use for Cubans living abroad.

Supporting your folks back home is too easy these days to miss. We’ll focus on our expertise, Cubacel and Nauta top ups, no matter where you live in the world.

LATEST: Cubacel adds a BIG BONUS on top ups to Cuba from abroad between Monday-Saturday, March 8-13, 2021 (Cuba time).

Top ups ranging CUP 500 – 1250 receive the bonus. But how is that bonus these days, if you order it on MobileRecharge.com or using MobileRecharge app (free to install, btw)?

What you buy, how much they get

Cubacel promotion for Cubans abroad

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