What does the next Cubacel promocion bring besides 2 GB bonus and 1600 free CUP

Cubacel promocion in March 2021

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How do you spell it correctly? “Cubacel promocion” or “Cubacel promotion“? We bet both ways, and btw there’s a new one coming up next week, March 22-27, 2021. Yes, yes, the refrain is already part of the American vocabulary. All thanks to the Cuban Americans and the fresh Cuban diaspora supporting family or friends back home. Especially these days…

The Catholic Easter is around the corner, yet the coronavirus measures are freezing borders and visas at the U.S. Embassy in Havana. On the other hand, according to WorldMeters.info, Cuba now registers 62,998 cases, of which 58,610 recovered, which keeps the country among the “lucky” ones. Yet, traveling is still not on TO DO list.

In this context, a new support wave gets started next week with the new “Cubacel promocion” as Cubans abroad call the Cubacel monthly promotion that makes it easier for them to top up mobiles back home.

Photo credits:
Ricardo IV Tamayo on Unsplash

There are about 100,000 files of Cubans and Cuban Americans in the U.S. hoping to reunite with family members on the island according to MiamiHerald. A harsh number that makes it even more difficult for Cuban families these days, especially when traveling is not a piece of cake. Not that it was before…

So, let’s see the promise for the next “Cubacel promocion” between March 22-27, 2021. Oh, Cuba time, right?

Bonus for any budget…

The second Cubacel promo in March offers a bonus for any recharge for a Cubacel number in Cuba starting 500 CUP. But Cubacel took some precautions and orders above 1250 CUP do not get free credit and data. So, everyone, stick to any order on MobileRecharge.com between CUP 500 – 1250.

Say you’ll send 500 CUP. Your relative in Cuba gets the main amount 500 CUP + 1 GB + 800 CUP Bonus aka for free.

How much FREE DATA to send to Cuba: 1 GB or 2 GB?

Let’s see all the menu of the next “Cubacel promocion” (Spanish accent please):

🇨🇺 500 CUP order: 500 CUP  + 1 GB + 800 CUP Bonus
🇨🇺 650 CUP order: 650 CUP + 1 GB + 800 CUP Bonus
🇨🇺 750 CUP order:  750 CUP + 1 GB + 800 CUP Bonus
🇨🇺 1000 CUP order: 1000 CUP + 2 GB + 1600 CUP Bonus
🇨🇺 1125 CUP order: 1125 CUP + 2 GB + 1600 CUP Bonus
🇨🇺 1250 CUP order: 1250 CUP + 2 GB + 1600 CUP Bonus

Cubacel promocion in March

Don’t forget to send a FREE SMS to Cuba along with your recharge

Right! You may have noticed if you’re in the MobileRecharge community by now, and thus hope you didn’t miss the chance to send that free SMS along with your recharge. If you’re new to the 10+ years service,  please please don’t waste that SMS. There’s no room for a proper Cuban message or an A4 letter, it’s for what matters most. ;)

The next “Cubacel promocion” runs on the website and MobileRecharge app

If you’re proudly using a smart Android or iOS device, you can grab the English or the Spanish app version and install it for free. Starting March 22, the bonus applies on all top ups you make to Cubacel numbers in Cuba, as long as each top up you make falls between CUP 500 – 1250. 

Are you an old schoolfellow? No problem. MobileRecharge.com is happy to host your browsing.  You can make as many top ups you need and get the Cubacel bonus for each. We recommend you draft a list of people/numbers you’d like to recharge.

The promo is already giving aways its Terms and Conditions, but remember that the bonus applies only between March 22-27, Cuba time.

Payment is possible in any currency and is 150% safe

Of course. Although when you open your account you’ll have to pick one of the main currencies to display in your account and on your invoice.

Say you’re using a Visa card in Europe. That’s simple, you can pay in euro, but you’ll need to pay attention when you open your free account on MobileRecharge.com to select euro to show in your account.

For example, let’s say you live in Japan, you can pay in Japanese yen, but you’ll need to choose dollars, pounds, or euro to display in your account.

The lowest processing fee and plenty of extra promos. Check below the talk on promos.

Cubacel promcion in March 2021

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Yes, all transfer of credit and goods services have a processing fee, don’t be surprised, please. They are not currency exchange services. It’s a bit of a different story since they abide by other protocols. But anyway, the processing fee is the lowest with MobileRecharge.com and MobileRecharge app to make it the most affordable for the Cuban diaspora. The service has been created by a former temporary expatriate (if there’s such a thing or name for it) with help from the diaspora. So empathy is implied.

Book your Saturday, March 27, if you’re busy the rest of the week

Yes, that would be the last promo day, yet if you’re not working at the weekend you can have a mobile recharge trip through the Cubacel numbers in your agenda.

Bonus is valid for 30 days, the main balance for 330

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Touching base with more pragmatic aspects of the “Cubacel promocion” in March, the bonus is valid for 30 days, starting the day when you make your top up on MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app. That is also the day your folks in Cuba will receive the main amount plus the bonus. A few minutes away if not instantly to be more precise. ;) The fastest!

Oh, but the main balance, say 500 CUP, will have a longer validity. 330 days.

Non-transferable bonus, yet transferable balance

According to Cubacel terms, the promotional GB + CUP Bonus can not be transferred to other mobile lines. The only generous Bonus-gesture is YOURS. But the main balance can be transferred among your friends and folks using Cubacel.

Multiple top ups + Bonuses for the same number

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Oh, yes, that’s possible. Say your talkative mom would use more than 500 CUP  + 1 GB + 800 CUP Bonus. No wonder, she’s Cuban. Words are like pretzels for the German. Anyway, before we get our mouths watery… You can grab double joy for her.

You can also grab a double promo top up and bonus for your cousin. He can keep the GB for his browsing, and transfer the main balance to your mom. Win-win.

So, your folks may receive multiple top ups. The expiration date will be noted as the last top up received (30 calendar days starting the day the last top up is received). Does it make sense? Need more details? Get in touch with us >>

Automatic SMS for your folks in Cuba to announce balance status

With this “Cubacel promocion”, your folks in Cuba will receive an SMS notification once the balance is about to expire. Pretty decent, right? On the other hand, if your family is too independent to wait for that, they can check their promotional balance via USSD (*222*266#) and main balance to *222# for free.

In case you press the 1000 CUP  button, we’ll split it for you

If you got to send 1000 CUP because you were in a hurry and you missed the Terms & Conditions, we’ll split the top up for you to add the Bonus. Does it make sense? Top ups of 1000 CUP and above will be divided into separate top ups so that you receive the maximum bonus possible. The recharges may arrive several minutes apart. Yes, but no need to panic.

No need to thank us, but please double-check the data you enter in the online form. Oh, no contract or other strings attached. If you like it, you’ll be back. Organic love is our motto. ;)

Well, actually the official one is…

MobileRecharge. Giving (mobile) credit to your story.

This “Cubacel promocion” is just one in many

Cubacel promocion en marzo 2021

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MobileRecharge.com runs regular promos by email for subscribers and Facebook giveaways and prizes. We can’t help it. We’ve been in your diaspora shoes.

To get the promos and coupons by email you should turn ON “Special offers” in your account, My Information tab. That simple.

Or maybe you need to open an account first. 

Then, there’s a PROMO MUST we honor each year in November, around World Top Up Day. Check what happened last year.

Come join the Cuban Facebook community if that’s your favorite buzz. Join the crowd.