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How often do you use emojis? This is not the question today, but the reason we‘re curious how emojis come into living, what it means, how it goes for women vs. men, and so on…

When the face is missing, emojis get in. Did you notice how important emojis became in our online communication? Yes, because we need the human touch, the body language, and in writing emojis are the closest we can get. Our expressive and emotional vocabulary lie there… And all having a common inventory of emojis proves we have the same basic emotions. Wow :) We won’t talk here about the minuses of emojis or the online communication. But about historical aspects of emojis we didn’t know. You may find it helpful too!

Oh, there’s one more interesting phenomenon and argument. You don’t need to live far away like most MobileRecharge fans to communicate online. Which makes emojis extend from expats and people living far away or travelers, to locals, and domestic communication. They are valuable.

#1 Emojis borrowed from Japanese

Google Dictionary

#2 Over 60 billion emojis sent on Facebook every day

Let’s do the math. There are over 2,000 emojis available, and according to sources of Social Media Week, 6 billion emojis are sent daily since 2017. is that much? Is that little, taking into account there are 2.38 billion monthly active Facebook users according to report.

#3 The Emoji movie

How unexpected is this? In 2017, a movie having emojis as characters came to the cinematic life. The Emoji Movie is the name itself.

#4 Women use more emojis than men

There could be 2 reasons, or one of the two, or maybe both. This is only my intuition speaking, OK?

On one hand women use Facebook and instant messaging more. So, inevitably they have the means. Also, women are the emotional interfaces of humanity to put it on a large and very large scale. :) They are governed by more emotions and emotional fluctuations thanks or due to :) their hormonal dynamics. And they express their emotions easily, thanks or due to the intensity. Which makes them the factors that many time make things happen, movement to take place.

According to several reports, here are the top 10 most popular emojis:

  1.  😂 (crying with joyful laughter)
  2.  😭 (crying out loud). Why? :(
  3.  😍 (smiling face with a strong love feeling)
  4.  ❤️
  5.  👉 (index pointing right)
  6.  💜 (for those who don’t need the old school red heart?)
  7.  💕
  8.  😊
  9. 🤔 (thinking face)
  10. 🙏 (folded hands from the Asian tradition)

#5 Afro hairstyle, a bagel, and hands making a heart

The three were among the top emojis requested as of June 2017. Would you have guessed? Just like the language, the need to express keeps developing the emojis as a category.

#6 World Emoji Day really exists on July 17

You may have noticed the 📅 emoji. The hashtag  #WorldEmojiDay is the key of the worldwide celebration. World Emoji Day was set up and launched by Mr. Jeremy Burge, the founder of the well known Emojipedia, an emoji specialist and historian.

#7 Emoji expert job

Mr. Jeremy Burge is not only an emoji historian and an eminent emoji expert, but also the vice-chair of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee according to Wikipedia. This is an entity that makes recommendations about emojis to the Unicode Technical Committee. Wow! :)

Here’s the backstory of emojis in an interview with Mr. Jeremy Burge.

TIPS for expats and travelers for World Emoji Day

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