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Are you from Cuba? Then you’ll get it! For men and women like you, there’s an inevitable moment when they give up the low profile and hard working expat cocoon, and show off their glamorous artistic side. Why? Face it! The song “La vida es un carnaval” states it clearly. That’s the Cuban life philosophy in a nutshell.

Those coming from Cuba grow up dancing and singing which makes it way out in Talent shows, and that’s what we’re talking about here today. Add to that the playful and cheerful spirit. They express freely in all life situations, from admin business to family and love, it’s part of their childhood education and tradition.

Besides all the hassle of a society challenged economically we (MobileRecharge team) know about in money details, those coming from Cuba and moving abroad come to light at some point, each on a different level. It all depends on their level of interest in the stage.

Take the famous singer Lucrecia, good friend of Celiz Cruz, who also comes from Cuba. Born in Havana, she started her singing career in Cuba at seven. Later, she moved to Spain, and shortly got into a magic artistic world, where her Cuban spirit brought the rhythm and exotic sounds people abroad were waiting for.

Talking about Spain, the show Spain’s Got Talent was among the Got Talent shows that brought magic expats coming from Cuba on the stage. Let’s take a tour of Cubans in the Got Talent shows worldwide.

The loving couple and their contemporary ballet show

There’s more going on in Cuba than Salsa aka ‘Casino’ in Cuba, or the traditional and contemporary RumbaCha Cha Cha, and Reggaeton. The Ballet Revolution (oh yes, there’s a big boom in Cuba) leads or includes the acrobatic dancing too. And this Cuban fun couple made a brilliant demonstration in Britain’s Got Talent. No more words! ;)

The Cuban Voice that amazed Spain

She charmed the audience when performing in Spain’s Got Talent show, the 4th fourth season. Including the judges, Risto Mejide, the singer Edurne, the actresses Eva Isanta and Paz Padilla. A dream come true…

She played in French like a diva.

Dian Rene. The Cuban vocal range with an English twist

It was so hard. When I got here in America, there was another fight. I had multiple jobs. Maintenance in the morning, and cooking in the night. It was so hard for me because I was not doing what I loved. (Rene)

Rene came from Cuba together with his sister, after having graduated from college. They crossed 9 countries, they “took cars, ships, walked”. All fuelled by his American dream. With tears in his eyes, he confesses “It was so hard.”

At 28 he got into the public arena in the famous show “The Four”. He tells his story and proves his talent so naturally…

The spectacular acrobatic trio in Spain’s Got Talent

They came from Cuba to follow a harder and nicer path and impressed the Spanish audience in Spain’s Got Talent. Of course! After all it was acrobatic ballet.  From the start, they made it pridely clear they were from Cuba. ;)

They got encouraging comments both from the jury and the youtube audience about the balance and force of their dance, the cohesion of their team, but above all the talent behind hard work. Cubans abroad got activated on their cultural pride.


“Bravoooooo….ESPECTACULARES…Cuanta seguridad…..♥♥♥”

“Son muy buenos estos chicos !!!!”

“My neck and arms hurt after watching this. That dude holding another guy at the center of gravity while the other does a hand stand on his head while holding him up with one arm and continuing for a couple more minutes after all that work in this performance was insane! Me duelen el cuello y los brazos después de ver esto. ¡Ese tipo sujeta a otro hombre en el centro de gravedad mientras que el otro le pone una mano en la cabeza mientras lo sostiene con un brazo y continúa por un par de minutos más después de todo el trabajo que ya le pusieron a esta actuación fue una locura!”

“Gran talento. !!!!”

Hey amigos y amigas from Cuba living abroad before we quit the topic to leave you with your thoughts on these nice people, 2 tips for YOU:

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