couple enjoying time out after lockdown

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What‘s the first thing you’ll do after lockdown?

“Recharge your optimism!” 

Despite the temptation or emotional freezing these days we need MORE. We expect politicians to make a call for scientists to dig deep for medical solutions, and economists to come up with an after lockdown plan to support the economy.  You’ve probably also what you’ll do FIRST after lockdown. Or at least you read comments about it on Facebook, or heard someone on TV open up the topic. We were also tackling the topic with our MobileRecharge team, and were surprise to find out so much about personal choices…

What Customer Support agents say…

meeting friends

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From racquetball to university thesis or birthday parties, our colleagues in Customer Support are ready to recharge their lives before the lockdown…
Beatriz‘s first thing after lockdown plan is to “go to the gym, dance at a party with everyone and go on a trip anywhere.” Does the “anywhere” keyword ring a bell in your case too? :) 
I will take my mom to Cancun and then visit my brother in Finland! 🥰🥰🥰 (Chiito)
Veronica after lockdown plan is going out with friends. Don’t we all miss ours?!
I want to hang out with a few friends while we enjoy our favorite ice cream 🍨😋
Franco, our multi-talented colleague who’s crazy about racquetball, singing and playing guitar, says…
A racquetball court and then a squash court. Long Motorcycle ride, arrive, put my headphones on and isolate myself again in those places. #workhardplayhard
Olivia plans to go back to university to do her thesis, while Alex would like to visit his parents and also to meet his friends.😁
Other plans are more or less in the same emotional neighborhood…
I’m gonna go home and visit my family especially my niece who turned 1 year old earlier this month and then I’m gonna resupply my stock with some delicious homemade red wine from my dad so the next isolation (if there is going to be another one) is not gonna catch me off guard. :) (Andrei)
First go and have a really big hug with my nephews then, to have a nice picnic day and TRAVEL 🥺 (Polita)
Can’t wait to see my parents and celebrate my grandmothers who will have their birthdays at the end of May 😊 (Teo)
Some are not that optimistic or, as we know them… funny.
Enjoy Christmas 🎄🎅  (Edith)

Where do our product tailors & negotiators hit?

birthday party after lockdown

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The lockdown paused our birthday parties, and tested our limits while working from home with kids around. Who scored well in that, just wondering…
I would like to have a proper celebration of my birthday with all my friends 🎉 🎊 (Vlad)

Call me crazy, but when isolation is over, I want to get ISOLATED! Away from my kids for a few hours 🤯 doing whatever – really doesn’t matter, as long as there is a considerable physical distance between me and them and I no longer hear “mommy” 🤪 (Cristina)

A nice walk in the park 🌳🌹🌼🌞 (Andreea)

Not long before we could afford that, mask ON.

Marketing team is ON

people on vacation

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Family first (including dogs), then vacation.
Visit my family and play with the dogs 🐶 (Claudia)
Visit family first, maybe have a gathering all together and then go with my home tribe on vacation, most probably at the seaside. (Francesca)
 I can’t wait to see my familly and friends🙌 (Delia)
Hug my mum, break free from the kid; preferably on a beach with a🍹 in my hand 🤪 (Alina)
I can’t wait to go see my mom! We already established that we’ll share a cake together, so gym equipment in this case sounds really good :)) (Simone)
Beach. Sand. Repeat 🏝 (Maria)
Jump on a plane and fly somewhere with blue waters 🏖 (Claudia)
Hmmmm… this is a tough one, there are sooo many things I would want to do!! But family comes first, I would want to visit family overseas in Australia. 🌏 (Ramona)

Behind the keyboard… the IT ladies & gents

people commuting after lockdown

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Going to work? Really?
Six Flags! Even just commuting to the office feels like an amazing idea. Bike riding to the station and feel the air! (Paul)
I can’t wait to go to work so I can complain about not being at home :) (Adrian)
Any ideas for moving around?
Take a long walk through our beautiful city! 💕 (Paula)
Anything that implies outdoor activities 🌲🌳🌱🌿🍃🍀☘️ (Valentina)
Does anyone go the extra mile with their after lockdown plans?
Vacation, vacation, vacation at the seaside. (Emilian)

The Financial department…

hiking after lockdown

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They can speak kilometers. Maybe because they’re used to numbers…
Five hour drive to see my family back home, especially to see my niece that is due to arrive in June 😍 (Cristiana)
Hiking with my friends 🏞️🏔️ (Denisa)

Thought of the day & lockdown deals

We’ll leave you with this thought of the day, dear top up community… and a lockdown deal button at the end, to serve our purpose and your delight. Take care


Instead of listening to how people are getting poorer and depressed, we all need to start up after lockdown plans, instead of passively looking how a probable after lockdown crisis blow our happiness, no matter its level now… We’ll leave scientists and economists as well as entrepreneurs do their / your job. And for commonpeople (as the famous rebel poet, e.e. cummings, used to say) take this lockdown time and plan for the future. Whether that means learning something new or repairing the fence, or getting to know your kids’ best and worse sides. :)

Also, we loved this interview and hope you’ll gran some good points too for your own benefit.

And as Doctor Matte said… “Safety doesn’t come from lack of threat, but the level of connection” (Did we get it right?) Wow!

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