How’s Cuba celebrating Mother’s Day during COVID

mother's day in cuba during covid

This lockdown will not stop any Cuban from living his life on their innate rhythm. And now, having to celebrate Mother’s Day during COVID times, things get tricky… The holiday finds us in lockdown freezing. What to do? Defrosting via art, food, calls and online surprises, while living an experience that will be historical… soon.

Recharge your optimism, recharge their optimism!

Dancing on the roof

Cuban artsy woman

Cuban artists have started the trend… In an article on TBS News, we get some good vibes about Mother’s Day during COVID times. The warm up has started with the most creative of the Cuban fellows.

The fellow Acosta artist, Arelys Hernandez, has started to choreograph from her rooftop. Nice view, good air, 100% isolation and pleasure to party the dancer’s way…

“I think that the dissatisfaction of being locked up in all this will motivate creating,” she said. “And surely the choreographers are going to take advantage of those feelings that we have accumulated during all this time of confinement.” (Arelys Hernandez, Cuban choreographer for TBS News)

Here are the NICE PICS and the whole story.

Hand craft… including masks

in Cuba mother’s are the gist of the family, and the best carers. And the idea of community goes beyond family for them. No comment at this point, you know best…

Vivid street vibe replaced with indoor loud talk, chess and Cuba Libre

Back in 2011 when no one was imagining we would be preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day during COVID, the Cuban Helson Hernandez was writing for The Times“In short, mothers can have one day, but we have them for an entire lifetime – from when they support us in their stomachs and give all of their force so that we see the light of day…”  

street vibe in Cuba

With schools suspended, as well as transport and group activities, it’s kind of hard not to stick home on Mother’s Day. The street vibe will be missing the walks and special homage to mothers of the community. The Aragon orchestra will probably not have the approval to perform and share their Mother’s Day specials as they did back in 2017. Relatives abroad will not show up this year as a surprise for Mother’s Day… This time like never before, having a large family is the best social context you can have…

Dancing and playing will be at hand. Chess included. Also, the Cuba Libre out…

Focus on La Milagrosa & that particular park in Havana

Mother Mary is the supreme mother for Cubans and will play again a central role on Mother’s Day. And since external stimuli will be missing, it’s a good moment to remember the way the Cuban conscious and culture embrace  various believes, miracles and the divine power as ingredients for uplifting hope.

And May is a month of miracles: the tomb of Amelia Goyri, known as La Milagrosa, in the capital Cementerio Colón has an impressive history. It is a very popular and busy place.

Also a good time to revive (at least theoretically at this point) the park where the first Mother’s Day event took place. Another way to approach Mother’s Day during COVID…

The eternal question ¿Qué regalo?

That was the good old focus. Looking for the right gift, hunting deals and Mother’s Day specials near you… With the basic stores open, something sweet, a cake is the first that will pop up.

Yet, here’s where you can make a difference if you live abroad or live in Cuba and your 3G is working smoothly.

ONLINE is the closest when it comes to Mother’s Day specials near you…

Mobile Top Up for mothers jn Cuba

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