Best gifts to send your loved ones abroad this holiday season

🎵 It’s the holiday season (the holiday season…) 🎶

You can all hear the music that accompanies these words, right? Well, that’s because it’s really here! The holiday season is here and, as usual, it will be gone in the blink of an eye, so we’d better start enjoying it right now or else we’ll be sorry we didn’t start sooner. And the next one is so far away…

So what better way to enjoy the holiday season than to fill your Christmas shopping list with gifts for everyone you love? Hey, even if they’re far away that doesn’t mean you can’t give them any gifts! There are lots of nice options you can mail them and even email them! We did some research to help, here are some of the best gifts to send your friends and family who live abroad:

1. A comfy/corny Christmas sweater

Christmas sweaters are some of the most traditional gifts of the season. You can never go wrong with one, you just need to know the recipient a little bit. Are they fun and easygoing? They would surely enjoy a funny sweater! Are they more traditional or stylish? Then a nice elegant option would probably work better for them.

You could also find matching sweaters for you and for them. Or a common theme for the entire family. There is an endless variety of Christmas sweaters out there, and the conclusion is you can find one for every taste.

2. A souvenir from the country you live in

This will make a special gift that will remind your loved ones of you every day. You can send them souvenirs that tourists usually buy in your country or objects that you personally appreciate. Just make sure to wrap them properly so they don’t break on their long journey, and write “Fragile” on the package, so delivery people will handle them with care.

3. A handmade Christmas card

There’s nothing more precious than something you make yourself, especially when you’re far away from your loved ones. So put your creativity to work, buy some Christmassy stationery, and start working on personalized cards for everyone you miss back home. They’ll surely be impressed.

4. Any gift they want that can be delivered straight to their address

If you know of something they’ve wanted for some time, you could surprise them with that gift. You can order it on a local website and have it delivered straight to their address. If you don’t already know their address, you can subtly find it by asking a friend or family member, or by checking Google Maps. This way you know for sure they’ll love their gift and they’ll also appreciate you remembering it.

5. An online voucher

This is the easiest gift you can make, but also the most useful. You can get online vouchers for everything these days: online or offline shopping, restaurants, spas, massage parlors… Pretty much anything you want. Just think about what your loved one would prefer or need, and pick that one. A voucher is an idea you can never go wrong with.

6. A subscription

A subscription is a wonderful gift, because it doesn’t come only once. 😀 Maybe you know of products or services that your friends or family love that offer subscriptions, or maybe you just search for something they might like, such as a subscription to a gym, a magazine, a service that delivers fresh food, books, toys. There’s quite a wide range of options in this area, too.

7. Free Cubacel WhatsApp & Internet

December comes with a surprise for your loved ones in Cuba: free WhatsApp & Internet browsing with the latest Cubacel promotion!

Between 5 – 10 December, any Cubacel top up of at least 500 CUP receives free WhatsApp for 24 hours, plus unlimited Internet from 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., valid for 30 days.

So, surprise your friends and family in Cuba with an early holiday season gift! It’s fast and easy, and it’s one of the best gifts you can send them from afar.