NEW Cubacel recarga promo: 120 minutes and 6GB of data for free for the Cuban relatives

Weird waters… Cubans overseas worry twice these days for their folks back home. On the one hand,  the covid context, and what we can see is that medical centers in Cuba announce “moderate” risks.  On the other, international headlines about Cuba are tough. NBC reads “Cuban mothers denounce government for holding minors in prison for protesting“. There’s also good news in this whirl of tension. The Health Ministry approves the clinical trial in convalescent children, and the new Cubacel recarga promo is generous and helps Cubans abroad send free Cubacel data and minutes to Cuba. Let’s dive into some details on this topic, because it’s our expertise field on where the Cuban community is strong.

Do it in time: January 10-15

The new Cubacel recarga promo as we call it in-house is running on both and MobileRecharge app between January 10-15, 2022. Remember the last day the big bonus applies on top ups to Cubacel from anywhere in the world is January 15, Cuba time (GMT-05:00). ‘Cause the promo is run by Cubacel, we’re only facilitators.

Cubacel recharges in January

FOR FREE: up to 120 Cubacel minutes and 6GB of data

Cuba and top ups to cuba in january 2022

The point is that you can save big and make the best of this new Cubacel recarga promo in January if you consider the following:

  • Only international top ups ranging CUP 500 – 1250 get the BONUS
  • The bonus is 3GB Data + 60 minutes if you send
    • 500 CUP
    • 650 CUP
    • or 750 CUP (valid for 30 days)
  • Do you want to send more bonus, like 6GB and 120 minutes? Then you should order:
    • 1000 CUP
    • 1125 CUP
    • or 1250 CUP (valid for 30 days)
  • Consider how much your relative is using before choosing the main amount + bonus on
  • Don’t forget to send a FREE SMS while ordering, before you hit the RECHARGE button. It’s free and it would be a waste to miss that opportunity to say “Hi from Miami” or “Te amo” or “¡Espero que te guste el regalo!”
  • The main bonus is valid for 330 days; say you send 500 CUP on Jan 11, your friend or relative in Cuba gets immediately 500 CUP available for 330 days and the bonus of 3GB Data + 60 minutes available for 30 days.
  • The bonus applies automatically on each transaction on or the MobileRecharge app if you have a free account with us. No contract whatsoever.

3 more ways you can help

Cubans playing domino while relatives send Cubacel top ups

During this Cubacel recarga promo, there are some things that could be considered some issues for some people in Cuba, but you can interfere and help.

#1 My folks cannot transfer the bonus to another cellphone line.

But the main balance can. So, if you send your mom 1000 CUP + 6GB Data + 120 minutes bonus with the idea that she will transfer much of this to your younger brother in Cuba, please consider she will only be able to transfer some of the 1000 CUP, and not the GB.

SOLUTION: Split your unique top up in two, and send minutes and data to the person your relative would transfer to.

WIN: This way, they both get some bonus combo of data and minutes. For example, your mom gets + 6GB of Data + 120 minutes and your younger brother the same as well if you send each 5000 CUP.

#2 My Cuban buddy can use the bonus for local and international calls and SMS (including SMS Entumóvil), but what if it’s not enough for his/her long calls?

If you need to help with more international credit, there is another smart way. But you’ll need to teach the steps. It’s more difficult to grasp than to use, but it’s cheap. :)

SOLUTION: Get them international credit from, our partner. With $4.99/month they can call you from Cuba anytime, they want in the USA or Canada (unlimited minutes), using KeepCalling app (free to install). They can call you on your home phone, office phone, cell phone while you’re commuting. You don’t need any internet access. So, you buy the balance, and they use the app. Find more details here.

Calls to USA from Cuba besides Cubacel recargas

#3 The current Cubacel recarga promo bonus adds to previous bonuses. What if my relative cannot use it all? 

Cuban bride

Photo credits: Omar Lopez on

It would be a pity if no one used it, indeed… If your Cuban friend or relative still has some valid BONUS from a previous promotion and gets new credit and bonus from you, that will add to the corresponding bonus for this promotion and the expiration date will be 30 days from the date of receipt of the top up true! In case that’s too much (hard to imagine, but let’s go with your scenario), there is a great…

SOLUTION: Instead of wasting the good old credit, they can transfer some of their main amount to someone who needs it in Cuba. Could be a neighbor or friend.

Check out more Terms and Conditions about this new Cubacel recarga promo on the website >>