Cubacel’s March Bonus: incredible savings with Unlimited Internet and 70 GB to Cuba

Cubans living overseas benefit of a mind-blowing promo for their Cubacel top-ups in March: unlimited internet plus data bonuses of up to 70 GB to Cuba.  And the best part is that that the promo is running for the whole month of March and multiple recharges. Right in time for Easter! for Cubans

Join the gift-giving season with incredible savings: 🌟 Exciting GB + Unlimited Internet Promo for Cuba! 🌟

MARCH 4-31, 2024 (Cuba time)

🌟 Exciting GB to Cuba + Unlimited Internet! 🌟 That’s just the bonus!

So, awesome peeps! Get ready for a spectacular deal that’s lighting up the skies of Cuba! 🚀 Well, maybe we got a bit too enthusiastic, but the point is that the super bonuses for Cubacel recharges last for the whole month of MARCH and bring a lot of GB to Cuba for the Easter.

Remember: March 4 to March 31, all your top-ups  to Cuba come receive extra data, that’ll keep your folks in Cuba connected and groovin’ all month long. 🤩

BONUS for each Cubacel top-up in March:

Unlimited internet & up to 70 GB to Cuba numbers.

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Here’s the lowdown on the deals for Cubans worldwide

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  • 🎉 For just 500 CUP, snag 14 GB + Unlimited Internet (available from 12:00 am to 7:00 am).
  • 🚀 Dial it up a notch with 600 CUP for the same 14 GB + Unlimited Internet goodness.
  • 💫 Feeling the vibes? Go for 700 CUP and keep the party going with 14 GB + Unlimited Internet.
  • 🚨 Need more data? Level up with 1000 CUP for a whopping 28 GB + Unlimited Internet.
  • 🌐 Double the fun with 1250 CUP for another round of 28 GB + Unlimited Internet.
  • 🚀 Go all out with 2000 CUP for a whopping 56 GB + Unlimited Internet.
  • 🎊 Ultimate data feast! For 2500 CUP, indulge in 70 GB + Unlimited Internet.

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