Show me Cuba gift cards: Ko Mercado and Mandao credit at one click away

Did anyone shout out loud “Show me Cuba gift cards”? Cool, this is for you wherever you live in the world, the USA or elsewhere. So, we have 2 big recommendations that involves no luggage. supports Cuba gif cards from abroad

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If you’re already in Cuba visiting your family and friends, here’s the list of nice gift shops on location we found on Tripadvisor.

But if you’re not there, and you want to send a gift in a minute or so, consider for KO Mercado Cuba gift cards online. No hassle, budget-friendly, fast. What more could you wish for? Especially with Easter coming up!

If Ko Mercado is not your piece of cake, explore more online gift options to Cuba in this article.

Get ready for Easter online gifts for Cuba!

Mandao gift cards to Cuba coming up next, so stay tuned for offers and news. Plus deals for Cubacel numbers you can grab for your relatives in Cuba.

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How to send a gift card to someone in Cuba

MobileRecharge for Cubans

  1. Go to and pick the value that you want to send for your gift cards (KO Mercado or Mandao), enter the phone number, and proceed to payment.
  2. Your relative or friend in Cuba gets an SMS with a code and a link.
  3. They’ll need to follow the link and enter the code to redeem the balance, partially or totally. IMPORTANT: The code received by SMS needs to be at hand when the person in Cuba makes the purchase (keep the phone close).

MobileRecharge for gift cards to Cuba community

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MobileRecharge for Cubans abroad

IMPORTANT: the gift card product is non-refundable.

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