7 Hot topics trending in the diaspora

When you’re looking for news in the diaspora, the word of mouth is not enough! Expats are a global community, almost a new nation of flexible citizens who think in terms of worldwide instead of country-narrow. So, ask your expat questions in the expat communities on the Internet. We’ve been there lately, with the MobileRecharge.com caravan (mobile top up news and promotions), and we managed to see what’s trending among expats globally. If you’ve got more, please leave your comments below for the rest of the visitors passing by.

Before that, here’s a magic tip! Type in #expats or #diaspora and a whole world will open up for you. Find your expat fellows on Twitter, Reditt, Quora or Facebook.

#1 International schools will double

multi ethnic class in the diaspora

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Imagine that! It’s like saying the world’s institutions will double. It’s a wow thing that unfolds a great phenomenon. The news came from Diane Glass, a specialist in the international school market, when she took the floor at the Global’s International Education Forum in February 2018. Mrs. Glass made it clear that international students are more numerous, and the demand for international education aka schools is growing in a wow-pace. Diaspora, be aware, you’re opening new gates in the world culture! 

Side effects? Sure! More international kids and students, more international teachers and professors. Mobility will be richer from country to country. Imagine that future growing in the present!

#2 Expats are leaving Saudi Arabia

Fresh news it seems! The Week states that “1,500 foreign workers leave every day” due to more fees that the authorities claim from foreign workers in Saudi Arabia. As an effect, “hiring crisis”. Bloomberg.com summarizes it well in their video.

For lower income expats, more fees is a big challenge. Plus, there seem to be efforts of nationalising the workforce, according to insights unfolded by the same publication.

#3 US Expats are facing new taxes

The United States is one of the few countries where tax is based on citizenship, not residency. And that affects Americans in the diaspora a great deal. A new form is on the fill-in market in the diaspora: Form 8621. Since it is not a simple form, many US expats seek special assistance. But what is it all about?

Joe Light from Bloomberg.com summarises all the talk around the new taxes in the diaspora. In his article U.S. Expats Face Hammering From New Tax Rules from July 31, he says:

The two taxes U.S. expatriates who own businesses abroad are most concerned about: a one-time repatriation levy of as much as 17.5 percent on old foreign profits and an annual levy called Gilti — or global intangible low-tax income — on foreign profits going forward.

American diaspora hint, USA symbols including the flag, and a badge reading Home

Photo by Paulette Wooten on Unsplash

Brighttax.com gives more details: “US expats are required to file US taxes, just like Americans living stateside.”  Expats who contributed to a Passive Foreign Investment Company (dividends, royalties, rents, etc) are required to report the PFICs. The condition is to exceed $25,000 (per person) at any time during the year.

Side effects? Yes. Diaspora is officially growing due/thanks to more Americans cutting ties with the US. According to CNBC.com, “many Americans who live in other countries face higher tax bills, difficulty in obtaining and keeping financial accounts and complex retirement savings rules.”

#4 Portugal is the most welcoming expat destination in 2018 so far

Portugal urban scene with tram, a welcoming place for the diaspora

Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

A March study we learned about from Business Insider unfolds the most expat friendly countries at present, according to interviews and surveys carried out by InterNations on 13,000 people in 166 countries. If Canada ranks #10, Portugal ranks #1 when it comes to the relationship people in the diaspora have with the locals, who are famous for being helpful and caring. You can read more about the other countries that rank well in the original article.

#5 Ethiopian government gets together with fellows in the Diaspora

According to Voanews.com, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has made his first visit to the United States this late July within a 3 state tour. He spoke to thousands of members of the diaspora in Washington, D.C. Big event for Ethiopians living in the USA. And in Minnesota, he was welcomed by 10,000 Ethiopians according to Ethiopian Mission EU’s post on Twitter. VoaNews tells us more in images. .

#5 Large diaspora rally coming soon to Romania

The mayor of Bucharest, the capital city, has approved the rally organised by Romanians abroad who are coming home to Romania in their summer vacation this August. The news is already spreading on Twitter, and all major national publications in Romania like Adevarul.ro for example.

Diaspora rally in the street, and a woman holding a paper board that reads

Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

On August 10 the rally will gather 1 million people from the diaspora, in the symbolic central place Piata Victoriei. The event has been the result of the latest laws passed by the current ruling power.

#6 More ethnic communities will celebrate Heritage Month

September is Hispanic Heritage Month. Officially! Unofficially, other ethnic communities in the diaspora took over the habit and started celebrating the idiosyncrasies of their home culture in September. A pretty great idea, we’d say!

Diaspora heritage as an Asian young lady wearing her traditional costume

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

MobileRecharge.com has been a bit ahead of this trend, celebrating it for about 3 years now under the key motto of #Homesickness. There are several surprises already boiling in the lab this year besides regular Promotions. All focused on ethnic elements, the couleur locale in one’s heart and the beauty of diversity. Imagine a colourful expat picture, with a huge coherence despite the ethnic stamps.

Why is MobileRecharge.com so enthusiastic about the Heritage Month every September? Guys, MobileRecharge exists thanks to the feedback people in the diaspora left. They needed to top up mobiles back home, and they made lobby for a system that would facilitate online mobile recharges. They got it! We’re now talking with and about all ethnic groups traveling the world, who can now use the website and MobileRecharge app to send credit to their families in seconds. Distance is not an impediment at all. The service is faster than Santa.

Kenyan woman wearing a traditional outfit as a sign for Diaspora heritage month

Photo by Tarn Hildreth on Unsplash

Most of them are Latin Americans, Africans or from the Caribbeans. The most representative Asian ethnic group on MobileRecharge.com are the Nepalese. If anyone asks, expats use the website and MobileRecharge app to send credit to their folks back home in seconds. That’s not hard, if you think about it. There are Daily Promotions, no kidding about it!

man working with clay as a demonstration of his cultural Heritage in the diaspora

Photo by Mahir Uysal on Unsplash

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