TRIPLE RECARGA CUBACEL strikes again in August!

Cubans abroad have a new surprise these days. If you’re one of the caliente Cuban souls away from Cuba, you may already know it by now. Or otherwise, we have the pleasure to spoil it for you. The famous triple recarga Cubacel for your folks back in Cuba strikes again! In the best sense you can think of.  The new promotion from Cubacel running August 13-18 is among the best gifts for Cubans this year. So far!

She’s talkative. How much shall I recharge?

Good point. It’s up to the budget and the number of gifts you plan, aka the number of mobile phones in Cuba you want to send Triple Recarga Cubacel to. Oh, and there’s something else.

Weigh another aspect: how much does Maria or Jose need, according to how much they talk on the phone. Don’t waste your credit, save instead!

Say, for example, that Maria, your cousin, is a big talker. Well, we could say that about anyone in Cuba, but let’s face it. She is the most skilful you know. :) If you only plan to send her and your mom, don’t play the hesitant part. Go for the 80 or 40 CUC order, and she’ll get a total of 240 CUC, respectively 120 CUC. Sounds caliente, right? Oh, yes!

Send a birthday gift! Order 20 CUC, send 60 CUC

If there’s someone’s birthday these days, or next week, you may send them a Cubacel gift. There’s no way they won’t use it, unlike some long-distance box you could send and fail to get there in time or at all. So, get yourself a rum for your afternoon break, and send some triple recarga Cubacel in 1 minute to cross out the gift from your to do list. Pretty simple.

Introverts get to deliver the longest confession via Triple Recarge Cubacel

Photo by Andrew Robinson on Unsplash

See it as a joke or not! But this Triple Recarga Cubacel is a great way for those few Cuban introverts or foreigners in love with Cuban ladies to express their care. Cubacel transfers may seem like too pragmatic gifts to prove love, but they are a real support for Cubans in the motherland, let’s face it. For Cubans “care” is a big word, since it goes hand in hand with protection thus love.

So, a mobile recharge covers for real communicative needs, proves care, and that speaks volumes: “Because I love you”. If you find that too cheesy, this is not your case. ;) You’re safe!


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