Why you shouldn’t miss this Cubacel recharge promotion

When a new Cubacel recharge promotion kicks in the Cuban expat community, it’s a bit exciting and a bit tiring at the same time, because we all need to figure it out how great it is. Should I invest? What’s the win? So, we make a longer story short today by uncovering the 4 strong points of the Cubacel recharge promotion running between July 23-28, 2018.

#1 Biggest Bonus in history: 130 CUC

This Cubacel recharge promotion, we’ve got great news for those who want to send the MOST. A new entry for those of you open to fish the big fish is the chance to order 80 CUC and actually send 210 CUC instead, valid until August 22, 2018. Let’s break the biscuit to see inside. :)

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#2 Doble Bono is still with us

If double bonus aka “doble bono’ was the craze for many years, guess what. You can still send that and more, so it’s kind of a Double Bono+++ to Cuba. Take few seconds, open your laptop and got to MobileRecharge.com, or install MobileRecharge app for free and pick the minimum 20 CUC  to send to a Cuban phone number. The person back there will get double and more. 50 CUC more specifically.

The same way, you can send your traditional Doble Bono is you choose to send 30 CUC. Your Cuba family will get 80 CUC.

If you’ve got some money put away for this Cubacel recharge promotion, you can send different amounts to different people, and still get the doble bono for them. The highest amount to send double the amount you pick on MobileRecharge.com is 80 CUC or 60 CUC.

#3 Domestic & international calls, SMS, MMS, Nauta for your Cuban folks

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Once you top up someone’s Cubacel mobile between July 23-28, the credit gets there instantly, and can be used in the month to come. The main amount you order (not the Bonus) is still available 330 days from the day you sent your recharge.

#4 Free SMS with your recharge

Online FORM on MobileRecharge.com

You can use the free SMS to send a deep though or you can keep pragmatic, telling your folks in Cuba about the validity of the service or else. The 20 and 40 CUC recharges bring Cubans back in Cuba mobile credit to last until August 18, while the rest until August 22. The rest of the amounts available can be used until August 22, 2018. But no worries! The main balance you paid for is available for 330 days!

#5 It helps YOU break their silence

Our way of saying that… what Cubacel recharge promotion has managed to create during all these recent years is that it gave a big and easy chance for Cubans abroad to support their folks back home. Not just any support! They backed up local communication. And that in the context where human interaction is for Cubans part of the blood flowing process. Imagine them with a cigar and some rum over a good talk! So rewarding to give them that moment!

What Cubans abroad managed to do for Cuba is to support local communication with their top ups. They gave folks and friends in Cuba wings for their stories and local affairs.

Give me words and I’ll tell you the whole story, then we’ll dance and laugh. That’s how we’d sum up the Cuban attitude when it comes to local talk, be it on the phone or offline. So, mobile credit gets vital at that point!

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Cubans abroad experience a strange gain-win situation, part of which the need to be helpful for those back home while missing the family mood and care.  The monthly Cubacel recharge promotion has so many fans sending mobile credit back in Cuba, as if they are all mothers providing for their kids. Very generous! Attachment may be even stronger when away… that’s  why Cubacel recharge promotion got so spectacular.

And talking about generosity, there’s a whole talk about the Cubacel bonuses on MobileRecharge.com. How generous is each promo? We got time to evaluate this Cubacel recharge promotion and it’s among the best, and definitely more generous than the classical Doble Bono.


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  • NEW amounts to top up to someone’s mobile phone in Cuba this Cubacel recharge promotion.
  • The biggest bonus ever is ready for grab: 230 CUC for an order of 80 CUC. Wow!
  • Any other promo amount (20-60 CUC) brings DOBLE BONO+++
  • 20 CUC – Bonus 30 CUC, valid until August 18
    30 CUC – Bonus 50 CUC, valid until August 22
    40 CUC – Bonus 60 CUC, valid until August 18
    50 CUC – Bonus 80 CUC, valid until August 22
    60 CUC – Bonus 100 CUC, valid until August 22
    80 CUC – Bonus 130 CUC, valid until August 22
  • The FREE SMS option to accompany your recharge is still available.
  • You can top up on the go: install for free MobileRecharge app for Android and iOS, in Spanish & English!


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