The Cuban sandwich in online shows… the making of

roasted Cuban sandwich

Photo by jimena agois on Unsplash

There are things that go like pandemics (check history) and things that stay. Like the Cuban sandwich :) . And before calling your mom, aunt or brother in Cuba to ask for tricks to get that family yummy sandwich flavor ready, stick to this article a bit…

We went through some online shows hoping to get the best Cuban sandwich recipe out there and use it at home. Must be remembered that you’ll get great impact on your foreign friends… or family.

Many would say “But it’s just a sandwich…” till the moment you have a bite of the THAT famous sandwich, yes. Then you get the “need to cal home for the recipe” need.

For those of you who want have their own recipe, but are nostalgic about Cuba, check the street food VIDEO at the end and the tips to get the most of the Cubacel promo coming soon. ;)

Talking about street…, wondered just like we do now, what makes the Cuban sandwich so punchy and addictive. According to them, it’s a 3 in 1 deal: mix of ingredients, the crispy part and the volume. They make a good food marriage…

The ingredients that constitute the Cuban sandwich are the ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread. . .

Binging with Babish cooks under-weather

Wine and rum are on the list. The running nose too, but it’s for a good cause. In case you like the recipe, you need a plancha of course.

Talking about likes… the recipe has 115K Likes, and 1.1k haters :) despite the friendly and professional approach. They’re in vogue too, don’t judge. But, you’d better watch it first… What’s clear is that the guy has some real culinary skills and always some hangover tips.

Plus, you can watch it in Spanish too. Check their description.

Little Havana style…

We move to Miami, Florida in Pequeña Habana, where Cuban expats have been living happily for decades. In short, to have a peek at Cafe Versailles and their Cuban sandwich recipe. At least the one they share publicly…  But hey, the restaurant is a historic place and classic sandwiches are their thing. Congrats!

Easy to follow video. ;)

The tremendous Cuban sandwich… with Sam the Cooking Guy

Nice video angles, nice guidance, and smells almost included. :) As can be seen, Sam the Cooking Guy is well appreciated in the cooking area, with over 4K followers. With this in mind, his “best Cuban Sandwich” may actually be the best. We’ll give it a try…

5 UK guys and a THE Sandwich equals…

The Cuban sandwich recipe from the movie “Chef”. Come on, any foodie have seen that at least once in life. If you’re Cuba, you’re already a foodie (are you?), so book it for your lonely stomach times.

What the team does is recreating the famous stacked sandwich from the movie “Chef”. Skip the introductory talk if you’re in a hurry. Hands on! Oh, and did we mention the 24 hours of hour fridge?

Award winning Cuban sandwich by El Cochinito 3:12’

Grandma in LA recipe… Curious?

The video featured by the famous Tasty platform with smart recipes. Slow food, but fast video delivery. We don’t know more than you know about this sandwich for now, so let’s have a look.

While making the sandwich…

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