What to have instead of the 4th of July fireworks this year?

While some locations haven’t been canceled for the 4th of July fireworks like Gettysburg and Mountville (comprehensive list here), many have. But the coronavirus pandemic has definitely cracked down the carnivals, park get togethers and parades. Most probably  you won’t be on the plane to catch that 4th of July fireworks show, so what unusual ways we have at hand to compensate for the poor public event menu this Independence Day? Here are some ideas.

How about a DIY Parade in the backyard?

Who says we can’t reiterate that? We’ve been to so many parades in our life by now and so many 4th of July fireworks, that we can grow one in the backyard easily. Get a flag, wash it up and iron it well, and you’re good to go. Once you have that symbol hanging there, the mood is on. Remember the freedom USA made available, the joy in the street and rising culture…

Play some patriotic music in the background. Here’s a one hour and a half tune on YouTube, or get plenty by a simple download on pdinfo.com.

man preparing the backyard garden for the 4th of July

Photo by Pete Wright on Unsplash

Put on some red-and-blue clothes, like a red T-shirt and blue jeans and you’re ready to go. Or your dust-free patriotic outfits from the years before. And don’t forget to shoot some videos with your smartphone camera. If you have a videographer in the family, even better. They’ll enjoy a new project, and you’ll have an unusual celebration from the pandemic in your family history files. ;)

Even better, talk about your plans with the neighbours “overboard”, and include them in the 4th of July video, shoot from the balcony, or upstairs window.

Crazy photo shooting in the family

Before you get to the 4th of July fireworks in the evening, fill in the gap with a 4th of July photo shooting in the family. Get yourself some patriotic props and outfits first, and set up some locations in the house. We would go a bit crazy on this, since no one is watching :) . Eccentric patriotic make up could be one.

photo shooting 4th of July 2020

Make it creatively and personal. Whether you invent a funny way to appear in front of the camera or reproduce some famous 4th of July pics. Here’s some inspiration from Esquire.com.

Use a good smartphone camera, your mirrorless or DSLR camera. Time to see its potential you’ve may have missed with all the work…

Photo by Iyin Onaeko on Unsplash

Oh, don’t forget to post them on Instagram or Facebook to share the mood and get the celebration to the next pandemic level. That is: wider social celebration.

It’s possible and cozy: 4th of July fireworks at home

As we already said, some locations are going ahead with the 4th of July fireworks, but many others canceled the event. Here’s a comprehensive list where the 4th of July fireworks are still ON.

But if you’re not among the lucky geolocation winners, or you’d not mingle with the crowd, you can have some creative 4th of July fireworks at home. But you’ll need to hurry buy some online (and trust us, there are lots of providers), starting $11. For safety reasons, do not go for the high artillery kind. Choose some backyard-friendly ones. Be precautions when using them to avoid turning the 4th of July fireworks into 4th of July drama.

If you’re not up for the 4th of July fireworks budget, here’s another way to still make that possible backyard. Go for a simulation of the real thing, big lights in the sky. Use a free trial of the Fireworks simulator desktop apps like this one, and project it on a white screen. Or some white sheets. If you haven’t got a projector yet, maybe you can borrow one. Or maybe it’s time to get one from Amazon, starting $68.

Set a personal record, or more

man jumping on the 4th of July


Have you noticed there’s a strange relation between courage and the 4th of July? It may be connected to the American culture of the self-made man. Most probably. So, setting records is no more a wow thing around Independence Day. Last year, we’ve listed some cool and courageous records set around the 4th of July.

Doors are now open to you too. You’ve got a bit more time to plan for home celebration. So, you could include a new record or personal record if it’s on your mind for a while now. What will be be? Please share your thoughts in a comment below. ;)

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The best part is that the mobile top up can be an international one of your choice. Say, your family lives in another country, then you can grab the prize and send some mobile credit to them. The draw will establish the winners, so it’s hazard-friendly. ;)

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Online gift session like you’d be Santa in summertime

That’s more likely to fit the expats in the USA. Because US services are giving away goodies for the 4th of July. Like MobileRecharge.com for example, the online mobile top us service.

You get promos for international mobile credit transfers all 4th of July weekend. Plus, the email subscribers get discounts on self-service mobile top up or recharges from US to other countries for the same patriotic reason.

Strangely enough, expats are those who may enjoy the 4th of July even better or more authentically, since they can maybe better understand the American dream, and appreciate the freedom and opportunities USA has to offer…