Free Cubacel Internet with Your Top-Ups to Cuba: Blissful 25 GB and WhatsApp for Cubacel promos

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Are you ready to turn your usual top-ups to Cuba into a celebration of love? Free Cubacel Internet available as a Bonus for multiple recharges on 25 GB and WhatsApp for free in Cuba.

So, dear Cuban friends living abroad, is thrilled to announce the new Cubacel Internet Bonus, running February 23-29, 2024.

This is unique, since it is the second promo available this month for Cubacel users, besides the promo for Cubacel Planes. for Cubans

Get ready for a heartwarming surprise – 25 GB of data plus Free WhatsApp on every recharge! 🥳

Why it’s a Big Deal

Imagine the smiles on your family’s faces in Cuba when they receive not only the usual Cubacel credit but also a whopping 25 GB of data to stay connected, stream content, and share moments online.

The best part? Free WhatsApp for unlimited messaging, voice calls, and video calls! It’s a game-changer for keeping those family conversations lively and close.

In translation, free Cubacel internet as a gift for both yourself and themselves.

FREE 25 GB + WhatsApp if you buy:

  • 500 CUP
  • 600 CUP
  • 700 CUP

BONUS of 50 GB + WhatsApp for orders of:

  • 1000 CUP
  • 1125 CUP
  • 1250 CUP 

100 GB + WhatsApp BONUS for 2000 CUP orders

125 GB + WhatsApp BONUS for 2500 CUP orders 

How to Grab the Bonus

Getting your hands on this amazing bonus is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply visit, choose the amount you want to send, and voilà – your loved ones in Cuba will receive the bonus along with your top-up immediately. It’s our way of adding an extra sprinkle of happiness to your thoughtful gestures.

Spread the Word for the Cuban community in the USA

Don’t keep this exciting news to yourself! Share it with friends and family who also support their loved ones in Cuba. Let them know that every top-up now comes with a generous dose of data and Free WhatsApp for Cubans in Cuba. The more, the merrier!

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New Cubacel Bonus for expats and their families in Cuba. 25 GB and WhatsApp for free for Cubans who receive top-ups from abroad via Promo available between February 23-29.

  • 1 minute transaction
  • No contract, free account.
  • Install MobileRecharge app for free.
  • Pick the right amount to get the desired bonus:

500 CUP, 600 CUP, 700 CUP orders for a bonus of 25 GB + WhatsApp

1000 CUP, 1125 CUP, 1250 CUP orders for a bonus of 50 GB + WhatsApp

2000 CUP order for 100 GB bonus + Free WhatsApp

2500 CUP orders for a bonus of 125 GB + Free WhatsApp

Stay close, stay connected, and keep the love flowing! 💙📱