Haitians abroad send free Digicel Haiti credit from abroad in August

Digicel Haiti promo on MobileRecharge.com

As in most cases of presidential assassination in world history, it will probably take a good while to really unfold what happened in the case of the Haitian president, Jovenel Moïse. Besides the controversy in the country, Haiti starts COVID vaccination, while Haitians abroad dream about Haitians patties and keep helping their folks from Miami, Florida, Canada, UK, and many other parts of the world. In this contrasted context, we need to move on with good news. So, here we are letting Haitian expats know about the latest mobile top up PROMO for Digicel Haiti phone numbers. Online top ups to Haiti, that is.

Haitians abroad can now send 400% free extra Digicel Haiti credit and 5GB of data in seconds. The August promo is promising: 4 times more credit than what Haitians pay for usually plus 5 GB of data for free on MobileRecharge.com or via MobileRecharge app.

PROMO for Digicel Haiti

Yes, 4 times more (FREE) credit to Digicel Haiti phone numbers while paying a minim of $15. How is that possible? Well, MobileRecharge.com hosts such generous promos on a daily basis. This time, it’;s Haitians who get privileged. But the 5x promo is limited to August 2021. A real help in these times.

Digicel Haiti promo

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STEPS to join the community

  1. Open a free account on MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app.
  2. Fill in the ONLINE FORM with your top up details; use the FREE SMS option to let them know you’re sending it, .
  3. Pay safely using PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.

DONE! The credit reaches the Haiti phone number in seconds.

Promo for extra credit on top ups to Haiti

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FAQ about the Digicel Haiti top up or PROMO

What does 5x mean?

Say you send $15 credit to your sister’s Digicel Haiti phone number. You will actually send 4 times more for free. Plus 5 GB of data.

Who can receive the BONUS?

This online promotion on MobileRecharge.com or using the MobileRecharge app is valid for prepaid Digicel customers in Haiti, whether your relatives or friends.  Postpaid customers and Home and Entertainment customers are not eligible for the promotion.

Photo credits: Heather Suggitt on Unsplash.com

When does the PROMO for online top ups to Digicel Haiti phone numbers run?

Aug 1-31, 2021 (EST).

How long does it take for the bonus to reach the Digicel Haiti phone number?

It’s instant, friend! Or immediate. Once you have a free account on MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app, you can check the status of the transaction in your online account. “Successful” means it’s done. “Pending” means it is being processed on our side. Could be a busy season. Have a bit of patience.

But if the top ups + bonus do not reach the Digicel Haiti number in a matter of seconds, please hold on. It is being processed by the local operator most probably. No worries.

How much do I pay and how much Digicel bonus do I get for my folks in Haiti?

Digicel Haiti order on mobileRecharge.com

You need to purchase a minimum of $15 Digicel Haiti credit on MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app. There is also a processing fee that all transfer of goods service applies of about $1.11-$3. It covers all international transactions that make possible your super-fast minute recharge online. We can assure you, MobileRecharge.com has among the lowest fee on the market.

Anyway, you’ll be paying a minim of $16.11 and you’ll send $75 Digicel Haiti credit plus 5 GB of data.

How many top ups can I send and get the bonus?

As many as you please, as long as each top up you choose has a value higher or equal to USD 15. You can add as much you consider necessary for your family member or friend in Haiti.  And of course, suitable for your budget.

How do I talk to Digicel Haiti customer service?

Many want to ask extra questions about the use of the bonus credit for their folks in Haiti. So, simply grab the phone number on your MobileRecharge.com invoice (online account) and call via PhoneClub (lowest rates btw), or share it with your relatives in Haiti in a message.

How will my friend/relative in Haiti know I’ve sent the top up?

In the online form, before you go to the checkout page, you have the option to send a FREE SMS to the person in Haiti you’re sending the top up to. ;)

How can they use the Bonus? And for how long?

Your family members or friends have 3 days to enjoy the bonus credit. But that’s a bit different from the main amount you’ve sent. And very important, the 400% Digicel Haiti bonus credit can be used for Digicel to Digicel (on-net) calls and SMS.

How can I find out about the NEXT Digicel Haiti promo for international top ups?

Simply tap set “Special offers” by email ON, oce you’ve opened an account on MobileRecharge.com and we’ll notify you by. Or if you prefer the app, subscribe to get app notifications. Spam-free offers from us.

Is there a contract?

BIG NO. No strings attached when it comes to using MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app. Simply open a free account, and if you care install the app for free if you need it on the go. Otherwise, you can use the desktop version which is very friendly.

Do you have an app?

Yep. It’s called MobileRecharge, it has all the capabilities of the desktop app/website (including daily promos), it’s free to install on any Android and iOS device.