How Afghans abroad can send mobile credit to Afghanistan and also get a BONUS

The strange thing is that migration waves happen for different reasons. The initial environment people leave behind will define these reasons. Take a look at the British for example. They mainly move to the USA for educational reasons, love or in search of a different life and why not… a nicer job. But if we think about Afghans abroad, there are slightly different reasons… Hazara people often seek a peaceful and safe context that would allow them to protect their families from war or ethnic conflict. Some move to new places to start a business without the home community oppression. The Pashtun men on the other hand, work abroad to earn enough to return and make a good living back in Afghanistan.

One thing is sure! Whatever their reasons, Afghans abroad continue to support their relatives from the distance. Statistics are clear about it! So, we thought to give them a helping hand on how they can send international credit with Benefits. More specifically, up to 60% more Afghan Wireless credit on top ups they send until February 22, 2018.

But first, who can receive mobile credit from Afghans abroad?

Everyone in Afghanistan who uses Afghan Wireless, Roshan, Etisalalt or MTN balance. They can receive mobile credit from their Afghan cousins, fathers, brothers, etc, living outside Afghanistan. Oh, there is another important condition! The Afghans abroad interested in this service need to have Internet access to visit or use MobileRecharge app. We’re talking about 13% of the people in Afghanistan who are living abroad…

Just to have a glimpse into the number and locations of Afghans abroad, at present 13% of the population of Afghanistan has left the country, living abroad. There are 260,000 Afghans abroad living in Germany, 97,865 settled in United States, and 56,000 in United Kingdom, just to mention three favourite destinations outside Asia.

3 steps Afghans abroad can take to send mobile credit to someone in Afghanistan

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Now, Afghans may not be known for being techie like Indians are for example, but they learn fast. Once abroad, they adapt easily to the new environment including developing their computational skills. What suggests as the recipe for easy top up of mobile phones in Afghanistan is piece of cake even for the less experienced people. The system is intuitive as any grandpa can say. It has been built on expats’ feedback, so it suits their expectations.

#2 You’ll need to enter all the details of your transaction: the operator of the phone you want to recharge, whether Roshan, Afghan Wireless, MTN or Etisalat. If you have your doubts, check this Wikipedia guide. But the best thing is to ask the person you’re sending the credit to. People sometimes port in numbers from older telecom companies they used in the past.

#3 And next, you’ll be welcomed to proceed to payment. Any PayPal account is welcomed, as well as all major credit/debit cards. And no matter where you live, any currency is great!

Free EXTRA minutes and SMS for Afghan relatives and friends using Afghan Wireless balance

Relatives of Afghans abroad who use Afghan Wireless balance will be missing something else besides their far away hard working men. The current offer on mobile top ups from abroad! Generous and long awaited, just like Afghan rain in June!

Every top up between AFN 360 and AFN 500 will receive automatically 20% extra Afghan Wireless balance for domestic calls and SMS. The maximum value you can recharge to get the maximum 60% Bonus is over AFN 3001. The offer is available until February 22, 2018, on Oh, and relax! The Bonus can be used within a 21 day period without anyone rushing you.

More recharge values, different Bonuses:

  • Top ups between AFN 501 – 999 bring the person in Afghanistan 30% additional bonus, available for 14 days.
  • Recharges of AFN 1000 to 1999, add 40% additional bonus, available for 14 days.
  • For mobile recharges between AFN 2000 – 3000, people in Afghanistan receive 50% additional bonus, available for 21 days.

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Let’s conclude

If you’re one of the Afghans abroad still having someone to help back home in Afghanistan, and you don’t want to fail, go for mobile credit you can recharge in seconds online. On MobileRecharge. If the person back home is using Afghan Wireless, lucky month for him/her! Not because Afghan Wireless coverage gets even better or because Afghan Wireless is the prince of Bel Air of Afghanistan, but because the NEW offer adds up to 60% additional bonus on cellular phones topped up from abroad.

No matter where they live now, Afghans abroad can have as the platform at hand for their mobile credit transfers to people they care about in Afghanistan. In seconds! No hassle.


Photo by Huib Scholten on Unsplash

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