How to make a Claro recharge from any country and get 150% Latino satisfaction

Claro is for Latinos as familiar as brie cheese for the French or Jackie Chan for the Chinese. For Latino expats living abroad Claro rings a bell. “Eso me suena” as they would say…  If that’s your case too,  we’ll take some lines to show you how a Claro recharge can help both you and your folks. Because 150% Latino satisfaction means your folks are doing OK, you’re doing well, plus your emotional life is at a high peak. We’re going to tackle 3 aspects. Not so much on how Claro impacted Hispanic expats along their teenage and expat journey, but more on how making a Claro recharge from abroad is an easy way to keep your old number alive, support people back home in one of the 16 Claro countries on, while you save big with promotions.

We know it by now that you’re one of the Latino expats we’re talking about here, so you must have been born in one of these countries: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico. Did we miss any?

And let’s face it…

Each time you make a Claro recharge you tap a sensitive button

You speak the language of your new country, you walk their walk, you can dance their dance. You’re a Latino, so you are great with adaptation! :)  But while you are taking the best culture bath of your life, even if the start of that adventure still gives you shivers, you are soooo wired to the roots. Like WiFi to your home browsing, like Santa to Christmas. And Claro is a trigger… like any apparently insignificant prop in our lives.

Can you remember the Claro billboard below the store entrance for example?

Besides that and some more personal memories involving Claro, the network is still the salt your relatives and friends spread on their daily lives. They use it extensively to communicate among themselves, and even with yourself.

On the one hand Claro reminds us of our family, but also certain news we got on the phone, maybe a walk for a long talk with someone you loved, plans you made on the phone in your teenage era. Or other memories as sweet or bitter-sweet like candies. Even expensive home phone bills! On the other hand, it is the talk fuel your relatives in Puerto Rico or Brazil, or you name it… still use to share their daily stories, solve issues and keep in touch.

And that’s not a small thing. Allow us to get sensitive… Claro is a poetry in this routine if we reckon it like that. Next time you’ll make a Claro recharge you’ll be opening the door to your family or old friends, or other people you have sent or will send Claro credit to. And for them it will be a gift or a great support, while for your pure generosity wrapped up in nostalgia.

Why do Latinos like YOU make a Claro recharge every month?

Basically to get 150% satisfaction. :) There are at least 3 rational reasons and more emotional ones.

First, Claro mobile users have something that’s hard not to love! They are easy to miss thanks or due to their nostalgic and emotional nature, over protective with kids and adults in the family. They are caliente and great party people to have around. Sometimes, they are harsh, but in modern terms we call it pure honesty. Oh, and over supportive sometimes!

So, having a thicker wallet than before, it comes easier for many Latinos to make a Claro recharge for those back home from times to times. Could be duty or love, which are both real Latino values. So, it’s a way to spare parents, grandparents, cousins and old good friends of the hassle of spending their well praised low income on mobile credit.

But there are many cases, as we’ve seen on, when Claro mobiles get topped up as a last minute solution instead of a difficult-to-send gift. The higher the value, the larger the gift box, if you know what we mean… ;) The occasion counts, and so does the scoring of the person in one’s heart. :) They go under the label of Thank You gifts or spontaneous surprise. Sounds Latino, right? :)))

Why do you need a Claro recharge for YOUR phone

The third reason why Latinos make a Claro recharge on or using MobileRecharge app is to keep their home Claro SIM card active while living or traveling abroad. A minim $5 from every 3 months will keep it alive in case you need to return, or to be able to use your Claro number when you get back home on vacation.

It takes 3 steps & 1 sip of Mojito to make a Claro recharge abroad

Landing on more pragmatic grounds… is an expat friendly platform that got stubborn on helping you make that Claro recharge easy as uno, dos, tres. That’s it! Call it a business or a brand, we’ll call it a team. The service got smarter and smarter in the long run per Latinos’ honest feedback (Thank you, dear friends for that!), and you can now make a Claro international top up to any of the 17 Latino countries  mentioned above in seconds. Yes, seconds is the key!

No matter where you send Claro credit from, and to which country you send it, the process is the same:
  • Open a free account on
  • Go to the online form, fill it in carefully and double check.
  • Tap the order button, pay with PayPal, Mastercard or Visa, and then check the status of your transaction in your online account. Pending means it’s on its way, and should only take few minutes r seconds. No worries. ;) We’re here for you if you have any doubts!

How much Claro credit to send?

Good point. But the answer is simple. Claro has got default amounts that can be ordered according to the origin country. Native country that is! They range from $5 to $50. Payment? It takes seconds, any currency accepted as long as you have Internet connection to be able to make it online. You can use PayPal, or a Mastercard or Visa, whether a debit card or a credit card.

If you are from Ecuador, like Benjamin on TripAdvisor, and want to keep your Claro number alive while abroad, you can recharge $6.25 USD or the equivalent in other currency if you’re living in Canada, Europe or other part. If you’re from Panama, $5 is OK.

MobileRecharge app or

It’s up to you. Could be both. No contract involved!

If you’re an Android or iOS fan, please get yourself the app. It’s free to install and comes with daily promotions. The desktop is a more comfortable way, if you’re doing your daily browsing anyway, on your laptop or PC. Just open a new tab and fill in the form on No contract needed, did we mention that?

150% satisfaction since Claro has weekly promotions

Any Claro recharge becomes a win-win situation when PROMOS are ON. The good news is that and the app host weekly and sometimes daily Claro promotions.


  • Surprisingly or not, when wearing the consumerist shoes Claro is only a brand, but underneath it all, Claro is the operator of our past or the talk fuel for our relatives back home.
  • Have you been a Claro user yourself? Is your family still using Claro?
  • Who is Claro Americas? It’s part of América Móvil, a Mexican telecom group serving clients in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the United States (Puerto Rico), and Uruguay.
  • Latinos living abroad, originally from 16 countries, make monthly Claro recharge for their folks in: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico.
  • It takes seconds to make a Claro recharge online, distance is not relevant.
  • It is safe and easy using the free-to-install MobileRecharge app or the website,
  • There are obvious and less obvious reasons why Latinos send Claro credit back home. But overall, satisfaction is the key. Of course in the Latino framework, that includes buttons like Love, Duty, Supportive Input, Responsibility, Thank You gift or a spontaneous Surprise.
  • Weekly PROMOS helps you as the sender SAVE big too.
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