WOW! FREE or DOBLE BONO+++ when you recharge mobiles in Cuba

Limited resources? Yes, that’s why Cubans move abroad as a general rule. That’s why so many generations did! But there are things Cubans abroad are fully resourceful about and few foreigners may have noticed it as in “really see it”. Obviously, they are great at public languages like Salsa, rumba, bolero, Cubata, Piña Colada, Mojito, Cohiba… you name it. In private though, they are experts with certain expat technology. Cubans overseas recharge mobiles in Cuba like pros. Anyone would find that as obvious as pasta on the plate by simply translating transactions on, the platform for online mobile top ups.

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Besides mobile credit transfers to Cuba, Cubans overseas bring a fresh emotional spirit into the game. They keep work colleagues high spirited, break silence with their party of friends and talk louder as if singing. They make strangers laugh like there’s no tomorrow…

Getting back to our expertise, the mobile credit transfers, Cubacel strikes again with a new-old offer made to satisfy the Doble Bono nostalgics. But with a twist. Cubans in Cuba get MORE than Doble Recarga Cubacel this end of August. More specifically, August 27 until September 1st. :)

Old cars for tourists, DOBLE BONO+++ for locals

Some come to Cuba to get surprised, others leave Cuba to pay a surprise for those left behind. If tourists in Cuba are crazy about the fancy old school / classic cars, for locals it’s the Cubacel credit from abroad that makes their day. There’s an exchange in everything we do…

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What’s the point with the cars? Well, it’s paradoxical that the same Cuban factor made both aspects possible: Cubans abroad who recharge mobiles in Cuba online left the country due to the same regime that froze the beautiful car scene in Cuba by cutting off imports.  Pretty weird association, right? But can you see the connection?

Getting back to the current Double Bonus promo… If you recharge mobiles in Cuba these days, you save big by sending MORE than Double Bonus, or as we like to call it “Doble Bono+++”. Say you recharge mobiles in Cuba 20 CUC. For each 20 CUC recharge on, Cubacel adds 30 CUC for free. So, you send 20 CUC, and the folks back in Cuba receive 50 CUC. That would be the minimum value. But you can pick from a whole range:

  • The promo is out for grabs  between August 27 – September 1 for anyone with a free account on MobileRecharge.
  • No contract needed to recharge mobiles in Cuba online.

How to recharge mobiles in Cuba the easiest way possible

There are 2 options you have available, no contract attached. If you prefer the desktop website, go to and open an account or if you already have one, log in. You can use the numbers already used (nicknames) to skip filling in the ONLINE FORM.

If you’re NEW, you can just start filling in the ONLINE form on No need to take any time off for that, because it takes seconds only. Make sure you have the right numbers in Cuba, and get your PayPal account or a card ready to use in the checkout. For easier future recharges, save that card. It’s safe, has got ninja security system. Literally! :) If you don’t trust the info, that’s fine. Look for the Verified & Secure label down the homepage.

The second option is to use the MobileRecharge app. You can thus recharge mobiles in Cuba on the go, plus you’ll get notified when the next offer is up. Pretty smart!

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Oh, the app is available in Spanish, so if you haven’t installed it yet, make sure you grab the Spanish version, and it’s FREE to download.

FREE Cubacel credit for Cubans on Facebook

If you’re a Cuban abroad with an open appetite for summer dishes or drinks and Facebook contests, you get the chance to grab FREE Cubacel credit as a prize. It’s a warm up talk for the next Cubacel Promotion running between August 27 – September 1, and what’s expected from you is simplemente to leave a comment to the post below. Get nostalgic for the Cuba mood, take that in, it’s safe. Get your comment out, top of your head! :) And you’ll be part of a draw for a free top up to Cuba. Olé!

All in one:

  • Did you know Cubans are experts in mobile credit transfers besides the food, the Cuban drinks and dancing? They send regular Cubacel credit to folks back home, and take fully advantage of offers.
  • There’s a strange connection between Cubans abroad and the beautiful old cars in Cuba. Cubans left due to the same communist regime that made it possible for the old cars to stay, when they cut off car and car parts imports in the 50’s.
  • The current offer is MORE than Double Bonus (Doble Bono+++ as we call it) to help save money and recharge mobiles in Cuba easily.
  • Limited offer! The Cubacel promo on is out for grabs  between August 27 – September 1 for anyone with a free account on MobileRecharge.
  • No contract needed to recharge mobiles in Cuba online.
  • If you’re on Facebook, you may be interested in winning a FREE top up anywhere, before you get to recharge mobiles in Cuba + the BONUS.
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