6 mind-expanding traits of Cuban people, that are less-obvious

You don’t need to be Cuban to know Buena Vista Social Club, right? Well, the guys in the band and the lady singer, Omara Portuondo, are from Cuba, just like many famous world wide performers, inventors or researchers. For example, the first Latin American in space, Arnaldo Tamayo Mende, and many successful infant-medicine researchers.  Today, at the start line of a NEW Cubacel promo, we put together some traits of Cuban people that are less obvious to the media or the international culture where Cuba is labelled mostly using Salsa, Mojito, rum and cigars. Come on people, get closer!

What they have in common is that wherever they live, they make it in art and science.

Strong bones

Strong bones is a way to put it… According to WorldLifeExpenctancy.com and the World Health Organization, life expectancy of Cuban people is 79, definitely more than the USA and China, and more or equal to many European countries. Which means they’re doing fine. Is it thanks to the tropical fruit Cuban people have access to from an early age? Or the famous avocado with all its monounsaturated fatty acids, 20 vitamins, more potassium than bananas and its anti-Cholesterol and anti-Triglyceride skills? Could be. We would not count out dancing, which is in Cuba as popular as pop corn in the USA, if you know what we mean… A good replacement for huge meals when you have little to bring to the table, literally speaking.

Photo by Ban Yido on Unsplash

High generosity is what we know Cuban people for. And we’ll see them again during this Cubacel promo most probably, sending MORE than Doble Bono mobile credit to their relatives in Cuba. True, we also make it easy for them, because the whole process (if we can call it a “process”) takes about 1 minute. So generosity of Cuban people, but not only Cuban people, keeps stress in check. More top ups to Cuba, less cortisol (stress hormone).

Strong brains

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash

Did you know Chess playing is very popular in Cuba, and that keeps the brain fit. Also, great inventions took place in Cuba by Cuban people. Let’s mention one only to keep the story going… The inventor of the phone (before Bell) for example.

Strong hearts, direct voices

Have you noticed Cuban people don’t victimise themselves as easily as Westerners do? Whether we’re talking about Cuban people abroad or those back in Cuba… the reality stays the same.

There’s a simple explanation for that. When you have little to hold on, and a lot to fight for, there’s no time for whining. Not that whining is not an interesting mechanism of human fear… :)

Cuban people rank well among the least whining ethnic groups because they don’t have luxurious lives as kids and young people to afford thinking too much. Plus, their reptilian brain is soooo active. That explains their dancing drive and high serotonin levels associated to that, their economical thinking, their strong surviving skills and passion for small things in life.

Photo by Wladislaw Peljuchno on Unsplash

And there’s another aspect of the Cuban people hard to take by many westerners. They are DIRECT. Next time a Cuban tells the blunt truth, remember they speak from the HEART. They won’t keep distance, but they will probably always say what’s on their mind. Westerners have a word for that as a great piece of advice at this point: don’t take it personally. 

They value life

Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

Cuban people made life-changing break throughs in medicine. Especially to support immunisation, reduce infant mortality, reduce drastically HIV transmission from mother to child. It may sound tough, but life is tough sometimes! Let’s face it, Cuban people love life and did their best to eliminate health dangers.

Too generous to be true… also thanks to DOBLE BONO+++

Cubacel is as popular for Cuban people abroad like Cinco de Mayo for Mexicans. :) Spanish-to-Spanish translation… it’s Generosity. And hundreds of Cubans send mobile credit home to Cubacel numbers, especially during promo time. Between September 10-14, a new wave of Bonuses is offered. Cubacel is generous and so are the expats.

For Cuban people abroad and their relatives, the Cubacel values NOW in trend to be sent from the distance bring more than Doble Bono.

50 CUC for an Order of 20 CUC
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60 CUC for an order of 30 CUC
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110 CUC for an order of 50 CUC
150 CUC for 60 CUC ordered

It’s obvious the promo goes hand in hand with the  connection Cuban people have with their families back home. Because they trust the community, and an individual selfish life is not specific to the Cuban culture. The more, the merrier. The more, the stronger… That’s how it goes.

 Adventurous… says the coffee they drink

 Many coffee lovers would agree to the popular-science concept that people who drink strong coffee love pure strong tastes, experimentation, adrenaline, and adventure. Debatable, of course. But if we are to follow this trend, Cuban people are like that.

Cuban people drink a dark-roasted blend from miniature cups, much appreciated in South Florida for example. Call it Café CubanoCuban espresso, Cuban coffee, cafecito, Cuban pull, Cuban shot… we’re talking about the same thing: the espresso shot sweetened with demerara sugar. Small and powerful doze of coffee compared to the large and less caffeinated American coffee.

Cubans… behind World Wide Hits

Omara Portuondo, an early cabaret dancer, is now world wide famous as a bolero singer starting from the 50’s and later on active in the Buena Vista Social Club.

Danay Suarez well praised hip hopper, Lucretzia, Rita Marley who accompanied Bob Marley and who actually became his wife. Also, a a foundation initiator and social activist. Worldwide popular singers at present are Cuban. Many famous singers, whose voices reach all corners of rooms, offices, discos, clubs nowadays, like Camila Cabello, are Cuban. Would you have guessed?

Asi que…

  • Many famous people you already know are actually Cuban.
  • Cuban people have high value for life. Their contributions to the Medical research during history confirm that.
  • The Cuban coffee is an attribute of their engagement with life, their adventurous spirit and love for taste and pure simple things.
  • Their directness comes from the heart, the same place that generates generosity.
  • MobileRecharge.com confirms this generosity thanks to our Cuban customers and friends, and also announces a NEW Cubacel promo which will bring Cuban people back in Cuba more than Double Bonus from abroad.
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