How to set up scheduled top-ups for cell phone numbers abroad

Auto Top-up for automatic top-ups

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Expats have a busy life, more challenging than the natives in most cases. Partially because of the social embeddedness challenges, partially because of efforts to be performative and keep up with the new lifestyle, language, and the new work environment. Besides that, there’s a certain worry for families back home due to distance. In this context saving time and money is a must, not a fad. And here’s where automation kicks in as a savior for the most common things, like international mobile top-ups (load or transfer as they are also called) for folks abroad. In this article, we’re focusing on how to set up scheduled top-ups for families overseas. And how Auto Top-up, a free feature from, can help you with that.

Benefits of setting up scheduled top-ups for families abroad

  • Eliminate the need to remember WHEN to top up your folks’ cell phones.
  • Avoid going out to a store to make the mobile credit transfer.
  • Automatic online transfers help save time: they take 1 minute to activate, and zero time to resend.
  • You are left with spare time for the more important stuff in your life.
  • Skip boring admin manual work.
  • Keep a constant pace for long-distance family support.

How to enable Auto Top-up on or MobileRecharge app

Automatic mobile recharges are no more a corner case or a luxury, they become more and more popular. If you’re using or the MobileRecharge app like thousands of expats, or if you plan to try it out, here’s how to activate Auto Top-up for free.

  1. Create a free account on the website. Or install the MobileRecharge app for free.
  2. Initiate a purchase on (web version, whether on mobile or desktop) and set up the scheduled top-ups at the checkout. Choose your preferences.
  3. You’re done. From now on, forget about manual top-ups for your folks. They will go through automatically per your settings.

If you want to change the settings of your Auto Top-up, simply…

Auto Top-up

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