2 Simple Ways to recharge Congo prepaid phone numbers from abroad

Congolese abroad know best what recharging mobiles in the Democratic Republic of Congo can do for their relatives out there… So beneficial! Actually, any support from abroad is welcomed. That’s easy to explain when any economical aspect in the country is a challenge if not a threat.  On the other hand, Congolese abroad are caught up in hard work and busy traffic, family tasks and social life. So, when is there time to look for smart tools to support the family back in Congo? What ways are out there to recharge Congo prepaid numbers in seconds? On the go if possible… And the safest way.

We found at least 2 simple ways to keep the mobile credit transfers for prepaid Congo numbers easy and safe.

#1 MobileRecharge app to send instant credit

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Use an app built by EXACTLY those people who use it


It was expats’ feedback that perfected MobileRecharge app, including Congolese who recharge Congo prepaid numbers on a regular basis. The app is FREE to install on any Android or iOS device.


 Which operators?


It has newly added major local operators in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the list, besides Orange: AfricellTatem Telecom and Vodacom.


Any constraints? 


Remember we mentioned that expats made contributions to app usability and choice of operators available to recharge Congo numbers? Right. They also voted for NO CONTRACT! Fair enough, and it was done! :)


 Only few fields to fill in


Say, you need to recharge some Congo numbers that use Africell. Start by making sure you have the right prepaid number.

  • Double check it before you fill in the online form.
  • Then choose the country and the operator from the drop down.
  • Enter the number you want to recharge and the amount (higher than $5 or the equivalent).
  • Proceed to payment. Use Visa or Mastercard or your PayPal account. The currency of your bank account is not relevant. The purchase will be made in the currency you picked for your online account when you registered.

Keep it simple

If you wonder how simple the app is to use, our answer is you’ll get bored easily, that simple! :)  Expats’ feedback made it ideal for both experienced and inexperienced users who want to send airtime to their family in Congo.

So, no headaches when you want to recharge Congo mobile phones.

#2 MobileRecharge.com expat platform

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Those who want to recharge Congo phone numbers are part of the community who decided MobileRecharge.com needs to be a simple and friendly website for expats. And indeed, it takes seconds to fill in the ONLINE FORM, and anyone is able to do it. From a kid interested in toy truck driving to a wise grandma full of laughter.

Choose a SAFE & FAIR service

MobileRecharge is SAFE to recharge Congo mobiles! There’s a label on the website reading “Verified & Secured”, which stands for online services with high security systems. So, guardian angel for Congolese money. Good to know!

On MobileRecharge.com you’ll also notice the BBB label there, which stands for customer satisfaction, transparency and fairness that is.  Alleluia! We need that in a world of fake news and marketing hunters, right?

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No contract to sign. The service works the simplest way you can imagine. If you need extra support, there’s always someone to give you some help: https://mobilerecharge.com/contact

You can use the call me back option and you’ll be contacted in seconds, or start a chat talk with a kind rep.

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  • We suggest two tools to recharge Congo mobile phones: MobileRecharge app and MobileRecharge.com, the platform for expats worldwide.
  • There’s something trending on MobileRecharge.com for all of you, Congolese out there in the world! Besides top ups to Orange numbers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you can now send airtime to Africell, Tatem Telecom and Vodacom phones too.
  • It takes seconds only to recharge Congo prepaid mobiles online.
  • No contract is needed and credit gets to Congo instantly.
  • The website and MobileRecharge app are certified BBB as well as Verified and Secured, which makes them safe and transparent.

Good luck and keep in touch! ;)

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