Expat’s Guide: How to grab FREE TOP UPS or the best top up COUPON for people back home

Here’s the truth! Caught between job, commuting and dinner, Christmas may seem only a roomer for some of us trying to make the best of it abroad… But, guess what! Few days left until the event. And your folks back home will probably be waiting for a Santa Claus sign from you, even if they say it out loud or not. Since there will be many boxes to wrap for those in town, MobileRecharge.com, the online service for expats and travelers, puts out there for grabs top up coupon 18XMASLIFE5MR to make recharges abroad more affordable in pre-Christmas time. And also to help you avoid busy days around the end of the month.

To get the 5% discount you need to use the top up coupon for your folks before December 8 (23:59 EST). It’s available on any order and any destination on the website or MobileRecharge app.

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Those up for some play get the chance to win free top ups in the Facebook contest running in the expat community. We’ll talk about that later in this article.

Why do people send top ups on Christmas

The truth has many facets. Many find it convenient to send credit online, because it takes seconds. Others prefer it instead of struggling to find the gift that would not get thrown away in the back of a closet or a store room.

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Many expats, literally thousands… send credit online to people back home as a last minute option. Whether it’s ethical or not, deep enough or not, it’s practical by all means! And affordable in seconds whether using a top up coupon or not.

How to get a FREE TOP UP for your friend or relative abroad

We got you covered early December to help you save with all these crazy shopping lists this month. Let’s call it a pre-gift for Christmas. Three FREE top ups out for grabs in the Facebook community. Up for the challenge? Come on, it’s really simple!

CONTEST OPEN: December 6-13

Expat community on Facebook

The challenge sounds like this…

Christmas Spirit? Bring it on! Name a carol, a wish, a recipe that reminds you of Xmas🌟  Share it in a comment below and you automatically enter the race for one of the 3 FREE Top Ups. *The winner will be randomly selected & announced on Thursday, December 13.

All comments enter a draw automatically for 3 free top ups. Those who win will redeem their prizes based on a top up coupon with 100% DISCOUNT. Sounds Christmassy, right?

So, don’t miss this chance to win a prize and send it as a gift. Sounds weird, but that’s the fact! Head to the Facebook page for the chance to win one of 3 Mobile Recharge prizes.

How to use the top up coupon 18XMASLIFE5MR

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Piece of cake! First decide if you prefer to make your quick top up on MobileRecharge.com in front of your laptop or PC, or you prefer the app. Then make sure you have an account with MobileRecharge or open an account now. It’s FREE of course, and even better… NO CONTRACT or other constraints or boring papers to sign. Just fill in a simple online form. Most of the fields even have a drop down to choose from. So, just make sure you have the correct prepaid number of the person whose mobile you want to recharge.

You’ll love the APP

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Just like you love your pet, your room, your beautiful practical bag, Christmas food or decorating the Christmas tree. :) The app works like a miniature website, too mobile friendly to be true. It’s called MobileRecharge.com and it’s FREE to install on any Android or iOS device. Does it suit you? Perfect go ahead then… The app is the result of expat brainstorming and constant feedback, both for inexperienced and experienced users, so basically as easy as “yes, sir.”

Next you’ll be guided to make your recharge from scratch, by filling in few fields, as mentioned above. Or if you’re one of the old friends you can use a previously recharged phone number. If you’ve used a top up coupon before you already know the drill. ;)

But don’t forget to enter the top up coupon correctly in the checkout! OK? :)

Are you a Spanish speaker?

Then get the app in Spanish. ¡Qué bueno, qué bueno! no?

Just fill in a simple ONLINE form

We’ve all filled in a simple form at some point in our life. Imagine this is the simplest one you’ve seen! Here’s what it looks like.

MobileRecharge.com FORM

  • Country stands for the country where your friend or relative whose mobile phone you want to recharge lives.
  • Operator stands for the local telecom provider of that person, more specifically the network the number you want to recharge belongs to. You’d better ask instead of assuming, since many port in their phone numbers to other companies for better deals. But that would spoil the surprise, right? Yet, Christmas is not yet here, so may not make the connection. See what we mean? :)
  • Phone number is the mere prepaid phone number you want to use your top up coupon to recharge.
  • Amount is the section where you can play according to your budget. 5% discount is as big as the amount you send.

Double check the prepaid number you want to recharge, and don’t forget to enter your top up coupon 18XMASLIFE5MR. 

How do I pay?

Good question! You have several options according to your preference. You can use your PayPal account or any Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card.

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Any top up service is a transfer of goods, not a currency exchange service. So, you may not have the same money equivalent that you get with a bank or a financial institution. There is a minimal processing fee of up to $2 according to the destination. It covers all the international transactions that are made to make the international online top up ready in seconds. Also, you may notice a local fee added if you use your top up coupon to send credit to certain countries. Relax, there are few countries that require that.

Oh, something else. It’s the most sanitary online environment. The app and the website are fraud-proof, as confirmed by the labels down the homepage. Have a look! 

Send a FREE SMS to Cuba or Mexico along your top up

If you’re using top up coupon 18XMASLIFE5MR to recharge a mobile phone in Cuba or Mexico you have the option to add a free SMS to the person you’re sending it to. So, customize your message as you please. This is a good chance to talk about your gift or send a thought that was boiling for a while, or just say hi, so that he/she knows who topped up their phone.

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Let’s wrap up & add a ribbon to all of the above!

  • Many expats choose online top ups as Christmas gifts because they have many relatives, work great for every taste since mobile credit is practical for everyone.
  • Top ups make a great last minute gift for any situation as it takes seconds to send no matter the distance.
  • Payment is SAFE, currency is no problem, and there are several ways to pay: PayPal, Mastercard & Visa.
  • Save big on your top ups: Facebook prizes between December 6-13, 2018. PLUS top up coupon 18XMASLIFE5MR available until December 8, 2018 for any online top up. 
  • Oh, and check the Promotions page. It may give you ideas…



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