How to top up your family’s USA mobiles from one account only

top up USA mobiles from one account

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These days doing things in 3 minutes that would otherwise take 30 minutes without the old hassle and without moving around unnecessarily exposing ourselves can be the smartest safety belt during the pandemic. Here’s an example of how and MobileRecharge app can help you top up USA phones from one account only, as well as recharging numbers abroad, the same simple way.

Say you live in the USA, and you need a safe way to top up your Verizon prepaid phone, your mom’s LycaMobile in another state, and your cousin’s Cubacel number in Cuba. You can top up basically all these numbers from the same account in 3 minutes. review


That’s a way to take measures to stay safe while saving time for more important things and having a nice “normal” life within all the boundaries of the current pandemic limitations.

Well, before the pandemic craze we did not give so much attention maybe to the hassle we took on daily and unnecessarily. It was part of the old normal first. So, we’re now reconsidering unnecessary A to B going-outs for things we can solve online. Few examples… mobile top-ups, paying bills, sending forms, shopping for stuff we don’t need to try on. So, here’s how we can support you to top up USA mobile numbers from one account only, and using the MobileRecharge app or

Save more time when you top up your USA mobile phone online

That’s most useful especially if you have more than 1 phone. Or if you’re interested in a deal from time to time, some money to save. In few seconds only you can refill your USA mobile phone on or using the MobileRecharge app if it’s working on one of the following networks.

operators for top up USA on

You need to open a free account and save your number by giving it a nickname while making your first top up. Next time you need to get some more balance you can use a shortcut to top up USA numbers in your account. Pick the nickname. For example “Business phone” or “My Lyca” and so on… You know better how you secretly call your phones.

If you have a kid using a feature phone or smartphone, you can set it up in the shortcut list and thus label it “Jimmy’s phone” for example. See what we mean? That makes the whole process much more simple.

MobileRecharge app has the same exact functionalities when you’re on the go. And it’s free to install on any iOS or Android device.

Did we mention that it’s all easy to use? Well, I cant argue that.

Top up your family’s USA mobiles in seconds from one account only

operators for top up USA on

Of course, you’re thinking about your family’s safety. That’s probably been the most stressful thought for us all. What if something bad happens to mom or dad, or my kid, or my cousin… And even if we cannot visit each other the way we used to, we can jump in for them and top up USA numbers in our family.

So, that’s all available from one account only, which is free to open on


Your family abroad? Use the same account to help them save on their local mobile phone bills… or MobileRecharge app is also super duper to help you make international mobile recharges. No matter the distance. 

Pick the country where your family leaves and check the operators available at the moment. BTW, we’re adding new ones regularly per the diaspora’s feedback. More than 140 countries available.

Man making a mobile top up using MobileRecharge app

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Many expatriates use the service to top up USA mobiles and also their families abroad as a gift or regular support. They help them save on their mobile phone bills and also make sure they know where money gets. 


  • Create a free account on or/and install the MobileRecharge app on your Android or iOS is for free.
  • Fill in details of your top up.
  • Proceed to pay using a Visa card or Paypal and you’re DONE! The credit gets in seconds to the destination number.
  • Promotions help save you big. Visit the Promotions page on
  • Email offers get you coupons. Make sure you have “Special offers” ON in your online account.


We’re living in an existential dilemma behind the mask (keep safe, while enjoying life) and we need safe ways to make things easier and safer for us and our families. All of us. Taking out the hassle and the unnecessary exposure like going out for some stuff we can buy online is a way to play smart. Like getting the mobile credit we need for all the family from one account only, one platform. That includes top up USA prepaid numbers as well as international mobile recharges.

  • Create a free account on
  • Installing the MobileRecharge app on your Android or iOS is for free.
  • Promotions help save you big. Visit the Promotions page on
  • Email offers get you coupons. Make sure you have “Special offers” ON in your online account.

All this will help you and your folks get extra credit, be safe and save time on important things…