Latest news from Cuba that stroke the whole world

News from Cuba

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Cubans go through the hardest food crisis in the last years due to the pandemic and the drop in local production and tourism. In this context, hosts a new Cubacel bonus promo for support to Cuba from abroad. Also, there is news from Cuba that went viral and left us speechless or talking on and on about it.

As a response to the shortage in the country, Cuban cooks share solutions on social media, while long queues photos make the first page of international publications.  On the other hand, Eight Congress is coming and it seems it leads to big changes in the country and the possible “dismiss” of Castro from the secretary-general position. The Economist talks about Cuba’s potential in creating an anti-COVID vaccine, despite being a small and challenged country.

Cuba may be the smallest country to launch an anti-COVID vaccine

Cuba is a country with just 11 milion people. These days it is short of basic goods like never before due to the pandemic, the tourism going down as well as other economical factors. Yet it has a rich and long history of medical research that proved competitive even during the pandemic.

Indeed, half the island’s doctors fled abroad after the Communist revolution in 1959. Yet, the government pumped money into the health care system, hoping the pharmaceutical industry could be exportable, like sugar. The Centre of Molecular Immunology (CIM) opened in Havana when there was no money for food, to develop cancer treatments. Cuba produces 5m doses of simple or combined vaccines for various diseases for domestic use alone each year according to multiple sources. So, considering this trend, no wonder the anti-covid vaccines may be soon on their list of priorities.

Cubans attempting to cross to the US boarders doubled

New waves of immigrants to the USA coming in boats are making the latest news from Cuba. The number doubled from last year. According to the Coast Guards cited by CNN and the The need to immigrate is as big as the dangers they go through: smugglers that help them cross in boats and the impredictable “Easter Winds” in Florida in spring.

Castro gives up the seat after 13 years

News from Cuba

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MiamiHerald and other big publications made a buzz around this latest news from Cuba, since it’s big. Raul Castro is expected to step down as the Communist Party’s first secretary general after 13 years, during the organization’s Eighth Congress. There’s resistance on one hand, and a lot of push to fundamentally changing the system on the other.

For the first time in over five decades, a leader without the last name Castro is expected to take the helm of Cuba’s ruling party as officials try to usher through a generational leadership change amid a crushing economic crisis. (Adriana BRASILEIRO, MiamiHerald, “Raúl Castro is slated to step down from the Communist Party. Is Cuba in for a change?”)

Long queues. Yet Cuban cooks help with shortages.

The long queue pictures and the latest news from Cuba related to hunger strokes made the world tour. The pandemic deepened the food crisis.

news from Cuba - food crisis

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Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue stated for MiamiHerald that  “It’s going to be an extremely interesting congress [this Friday] because it happens in the context of the worst economic situation in 30 years.”

He refers to the political changes that are to affect the unique party, within the context of a drop in tourism income and a serious decrease in local food production.

The combination of COVID-19, which shut off income from tourism on the island, local economic productivity woes and sharpened U.S. sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump has led to increased scarcities in Cuba, where gross domestic product decreased by 11% in 2020. (

So, Yuliet Colón and her cook community in Cuba started a new creative revolution on Facebook, where they create culinary solutions and homemade recipes to fill in the void of resources. The recipes use what’s likely to find at the market or with government rations. They replace potatoes with malanga root, zucchinis with cucumbers, peanuts with beans in the Cuba-style rice. The community is helping compatriots cope with shortages. Check more in the article from the and

Cubans expect a new wave of mobile top ups from relatives abroad

News from Cuba April 2021

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