9 tips if you’re looking for a great Cubacel app for your top ups to Cuba

MobileRecharge as a Cubacel app

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You must be thinking of your Cuban relatives in I-miss-you-guys terms. And you probably already know about the Cubacel promo in April that adds free extra Cubacel balance to your top ups to Cuba. So, all you need is a Cubacel app to make it happen. We recommend MobileRecharge app since it’s made by expatriates and specialists for fellows in the diaspora (Cubans included). It comes with a simple interface, numbers recharged that stay in the system for easy future recharges, 1 minute top up process (super fast), safe payment with any Visa, Mastercard or PayPal account, coupons, and reminders. What else can you wish for? But we’ve told you, it’s built on expats’ feedback… So, let’s see what to look for in a Cubacel app for top ups to Cuba in general, and what the MobileRecharge app can offer. It may take a bit of work, or simply pick some of the key points below and test one.

1. Check their Trustpilot, Google Play or App Store reviews

It goes without saying that reviews aka what others say about it are as important as our own experience of something. Serious businesses have a profile on a major review platform.

MobileRecharge - your Cubacel app

But when it comes to your ideal Cubacel app, of course, App Store or Google Play reviews are equally important, because they speak not only about service but about the Cubacel app itself.

MobileRecharge - Cubacel app

2. Look for fast delivery

Since no one is comfortable checking the status during hours… If your order is fast, you’d expect a fast delivery too. It’s not horse and carriage, it’s online. Right? Yes, you’re right.

Cubacel app - MobileRecharge app

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MobileRecharge as your Cubacel app takes about 1 minute to fill in the details of your recharge, while delivery is immediate or instant. The status Pending in the account means it;s being processed on our side. We’re facilitating several international transactions that make it possible. There are rare cases when it takes more than a few minutes. That’s usually happening when Cubacel has many top ups to process. But they are usually prepared for Cubans worldwide sending top ups, especially during Cubacel promos.

Anyway, MobileRecharge app as your Cubacel app keeps it simple and fast. So that the recharge looks like a local transaction.

If you’re a first-time user, don’t expect your first transaction to be instant, we need to make further checks for everyone’s protection. But once the transaction goes through, no worries about the next ones.

3. Do the numbers recharged stay in the system?

Cubacel app - MobileRecharge app

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It depends. Not all Cubacel apps come with this feature. But MobileRecharge app does. Because people like you said so. “We need that”. Of course, you do. You don’t want to manually type in each number you want to recharge in Cuba. Especially we’re talking here about international format numbers. Plus, if a number is incorrectly typed in, yet it exists but does not belong to the person you’re supposed to send your top up, then it passes as valid. You end up recharging someone else’s phone. See what we mean. Having the numbers once recharged in your account allows you to avoid tricky situations.

4. Do their payment options come in handy?

MobileRecharge app for top ups to Cuba

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Highly important. Before choosing your Cubacel app you may want to check the service. So, visit the website. Do they have a lock symbol in the URL field, before the URL address? That’s great! They are a safe service. Does the link of the website start with https:// and NOT http://. Good. That you should look for. That stands for safety! If that’s met, you can go on with the app, and look for more advantages.

But of course, the safety of transactions is essential. It’s about the infrastructure behind the app. One way to make sure your payment is safe, is to check their security labels in the footer of their website. Or go by the guts. :)

5. Easy to navigate

No one wants to get a Cubacel app and then start reading the instructions as if they purchased the latest audio interface. It should be hassle-free, a real app to go just like a coffee-to-go. Any smart Cubacel app that hasn’t been built in a rush in a garage takes that into account. Not everyone is hyper-techie. It should be easy to serve the purpose: top up a Cubacel number in Cuba in seconds.

And MobileRecharge app is no rocket. No matter the age, the education, everyone can use it because it’s intuitive.

It has a simple menu and simple functions. Also, it is automatically associated with an account. You can log in with your email or social media credentials. You’ve got all your invoices in your account, with all the details you need, so you won’t have to call anyone to get your records.

6. Visit the website and check certifications first

Some Cubacel apps speak nicely, but if you check the website for certain confirmations, you may find nada de nada. MobileRecharge app is certified by BBB, and also bears other security and transparency certifications like “Verified and Secure”.

MobileRecharge - Cubacel app

Check the website >>

7. Is the Cubacel app running promos, coupons or free recharges?

Well, you may not find it important when you’re rushing to find the easy-to-find Cubacel app you need to make THAT top up … that is NOW. But you don’t want to end up with an app you’ll forget about on your smartphone, that gets old without you noticing and is totally unuseful of not generous.

The MobileRecharge app as your Cubacel app makes constant updates if you allow it, adapting to what’s new (needs and techie stuff).

As related to PROMOS, the MobileRecharge app runs daily promos for Latino destinations and 2 Cubacel monthly promos.

Say, you have set up app notifications. We won’t spam you with blah blah stuff. We’ll only send you updates when Cubacel promos are ON. And sometimes coupons you’ll find useful.

If you care for a free recharge to Cuba, you can simply take advantage of the Facebook giveaways. And there are plenty!

BTW,  the next Cubacel promo is between April 5-10, 2021.

MoibleRecharge app - Cubacel app

8. Is the Cubacel app is also available in Spanish?

If you’re a Spanish speaker who has just recently moved abroad and got your first payment and plans to make your first top up to folks in Cuba, it may be a good idea to use a Spanish version of a Cubacel app until you get more familiar with the new country language. Or English. Especially when we’re talking about transactions and money. You don’t want to get that wrong from the start.

The good news is that MobileRecharge app has a Spanish version, so voila! For both Android and iOS.

9. Friendly human customer service, no waiting time

OMG, does anything like that really exist? Yep. And you probably know it if you ever had a question or a nice word to share and reached MobileRecharge app Customer Support. Modesty aside… this time.