Data bonus when you recharge Mexico numbers in July

Mexican architecture details

Mexicans abroad started the gift season for their folks back home in Mexico, for no specific reason than the offers out there. Sending an AT&T Mexico plan or a Unefon Mexico one is not only easy and affordable these days, but it also comes with some cool extras for relatives and friends in Mexico. Starting at $7.5 you can recharge Mexico numbers belonging to your relatives or friends in Mexico and get them free data without paying for it.

man making top ups to his relatives in Mexico hosts 2 super promos for people with family in Mexico:

  • 1 GB free for recharges to AT&T numbers in Mexico.
  • 300 MB and more for Unefon numbers there. More details are below.

300 MB and more for Unefon Paquetes sent to Mexico

1 GB FREE on top-ups of AT&T planes to Mexico