What’s new about the Cubacel promo in July

Photo credits:
MJ Haru on Unsplash.com

13.2 million Cubans live in the diaspora. New options are now available for them to help their Cuban families from abroad via MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app. Up to 7500 CUP mobile credit bonus for Cubacel users in Cuba. This Cubacel promo in July brings 2 new aspects for the Cuban expat communities interested in sending Cubacel balance to their families in Cuba. First, the promo lasts for 3 days instead of a whole week. Next, the amounts that one needs to send in order to also grab the bonus have changed a bit. Find that below in detail.

It lasts for 3 DAYS ONLY


Photo credits: Juan Manuel Aguilar on Unsplash.com

Up to 7500 CUP as a Bonus, but mind the NEW amounts

Expect up to a 7500 CUP bonus for orders above 1000 CUP

Bonus usage & notifications