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It all started 5 years ago. Expats quickly joined the movement because it was about them, about their mysterious life as family supporters and it was about their habit of making online phone top ups. Expats’ generosity and their international top up gesture of care remained central to World Top Up Day on November 10.

Many fans already know by now we’re in the warm-up pool for this World Top Up Day edition. We’re going crazy on kindness and prizes for expats and other fans of international online phone top ups. Even if we’re online, we’ll keep you updated about a new get together on our channels. No matter our nationality, the online keeps us close, expats worldwide!

Meanwhile, let’s take a ride through previous years memories, and explain for the new ones why online phone top ups from country to country and generosity go hand in hand. But also why World Top Up Day became almost a movement among expats and expat supporters like

WHY World Top up Day?

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Let’s get this straight. Bonds grow stronger when apart, no doubt about it, right? OK, so you’re an expat far away from family and friends. You can now afford to help your folks easier than before. And guess what, distance is no more an impediment. Not with the recent technology. OK, so what do you do? You google it or learn from a friend about transfer of goods: how to send money, pay bills from the distance, or make online phone top ups for people back home. It’s possible in seconds, so why not!

You won’t guess how popular these services are getting year after year. Hundred thousands of online phone top ups on or from MobileRecharge app alone.

But there was a problem in the big picture…

In 2015, the situation was the same. Expats used to send people back home a large volume of mobile credit, and no one in the society and local communities said a word about this super gesture of generosity. On the other hand, there was all over the news: charity, charity, charity and popular characters. So took the initiative to create an international day to turn the anonymous top up givers into a famous community. World Top Up Day was up and kicking!

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  • Mass rewarding

    Between 2015-2018 editions, World Top Up Day giveaway were super generous for that time. In 2015 the team behind invited everyone NOT to miss the SURPRISE on November 10, even if you missed Apollo 11. :)

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    2016 and 2017 events also promised a surprise. And on November 10 it came: NO FEES. It became a tradition on and with MobileRecharge app. And the best time to get the best discount in history if you make online phone top ups.

    World Top Up Day 2018 promised the opposite of Mick Jagger’s song line “I can’t get no Satisfaction”. NO FEES stroke again! Expats could send families and friends back home the recharges they needed to send without paying any processing fee. What a bless!

  • Bulk FREE top ups for expats on Facebook

    In other words, bulk Facebook giveaways for fans of online phone top ups worldwide, who joined the 2018 warm up session a week before World Top Up Day. We gave away 30 online phone top ups, and 30 expats got a free international top up each as a result of the contest. It was the year of the prizes boom, after the previous years of Facebook teasing.

  • The day Expats are most famous

    World Top Up Day is more than the day when expats get some goodies for their next international top up aka online phone top ups. It’s basically the day that took out expats from the anonymous giver category.

    We called them “Heroes”, “Givers” and opened up the cans of their special skills and qualities that their expat experience tailored in them.

    We wanted to make Givers a popular category to talk about. We wanted to acknowledge the top up givers as much as any Giver in the field of charity, donations, blood drive and other related actions. Which we praise as well!  (to quote ourselves, 2016)

    The first International Top Up celebration was in 2015. MobileRecharge team decided it was time to make it public: let’s talk about expat generosity that we see on invoices, that is transactions. Thousands of expats were making regular mobile top ups for family members and friends back home without being noticed for their generosity.

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    On World Top Up Day 2018, expats were exposed again for their generosity.

  • VIDEOS, kindness & expats

    In 2015, we acknowledged the effect of expat kindness on people in their motherland.

    In 2016, it stoke us, the MobileRecharge team. And we launched the event governed by this idea.

    Kindness connects us all. Giving and receiving makes us live in communities and not isolated. 

    We realized the inevitable chain of actions. Early in life we get things from others, from food to attention, advice to money or clothes. In time, we turn from beneficiary into givers ourselves thanks to the web of needs. The mechanism is viral from childhood to late adulthood and no one escapes the human trend. That’s the reality of a Giver, expats included, since they support people back home regularly. was obviously (and still is) a greenhouse of daily givers. Every 2 seconds, someone sends mobile credit to a friend or a family member miles away.

  • 100 Recharges in 22 seconds

    That was a round of random gifts from MobileRecharge team to its fans. It started as a surprise for them, and then turned into a challenge for the team, who needed to make 100 online international top up gifts in 22 seconds.

    It was World Top Up Day 2016 in a meeting room. MobileRecharge team got together, had a glass of water, took a deep breath and set the timer for 22 seconds. They sent a bit over 100 mobile recharges randomly, to customers. Just another gift for international top up fans…

    The reason why over 100 customers have been picked randomly to receive a free international top up as a surprise was this: a gift in return to their unconditional top ups (support) for family / friends back home.

Hey, stay in touch for November 10 surprises on the event and ideas for your online phone top ups. ;)

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