Mass Rewarding! Everyone gets something great on World Top Up Day 2018

The talk about expats has many hot points, but what many people don’t know about expats is that they are fabulous teammates, displaying an overdose of generosity for their families and friends back home. And that’s exactly what World Top Up Day 2018 celebrates on November 10, by dropping fees on international mobile top ups. Interesting enough… expats display this generosity thanks to specific circumstances and point out a human trait that conquers it all, isn’t it? Just like cooperative game players, expats prefer to hold on tight to the community for everyone’s sake. We’ll give details on that later on in this article, so bear with us. ;)

Before we forget!

SAVE THE DATE: November 10. It’s the best time of the year to SAVE on your top ups as an expat. If there’s good time to save your energy, time or money, World Top Up Day 2018 (November 10) is the best time to save on your mobile top ups to your relatives because all fees drop.

What expats and video gamers teach us…

A study from researchers at Texas Tech University on gaming behaviour shows that the cooperative aspect in a game brings to light great human generosity. Based on the prisoner’s dilemma scenario, players had the choice to be helpful or not to intruders that were “lost”. Strangely enough, they had the urge to take them out of the dangerous zone and move on with their own game.

The Corrupted Blood incident in World of Warcraft, in September 2005 proved the same thing. Gamers prefer  to help other escape and clean the surrounding territory instead of killing everyone and being left alone with no neighbouring resources and helpers.

Expats act the same for self protection and community bond. It’s called adaptation to a new environment and identity strings attached. :)

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A second naked truth is that we’re all crazy about oxytocin, the neurotransmitter and hormone that is released through social bond, also called the “love hormone”.  Maybe expats are more inclined to touch that ground thanks to lacking old relationships and familiarity with people around, and the drive to engage easily into meaningful relationships with people from the new culture. Just wondering…

Expats display the same urge for team play and cooperative game in offline life just like players we were mentioning before.

Expats meet on World Top Up Day 2018 thanks to their Generosity

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World Top Up Day gets together expats worldwide, no matter the nationality. Why top ups and generosity go hand in hand may have an explanation…

Being far away from families makes room for strong bond and help. And since distance is no impediment with recent technology, many choose the online services to make it happen and stay close to their families. Whether we’re talking about money transfers or any other transfer of goods, the delivering is getting more and more popular each year. Hundred thousands of top ups are sent yearly on or from MobileRecharge app.

In 2015, the situation was similar, so took the initiative to create an international day to turn the anonymous top up givers into a famous community. World Top Up Day was up and kicking!

What you pay is what you send on November 10

World Top Up Day 2018 promises the opposite of Mick Jagger’s song line “I can’t get no Satisfaction”. You will get 100% satisfaction, because NO FEES… that’s real and new!

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So, NO FEES apply on November 10, 2018 on all top ups on the website and MobileRecharge app, no matter the destination, the country you send it from, your size or race, your zodiac sign or the relationship with your neighbours.

There’s one thing to consider though. We drop the fees, but that’s not valid for the local operator of the number. Few local operators (most of them in Latin America) apply a new fee to the transaction, but those are exceptions.

World Top Up Day is just the cherry on the Promo Cake

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After November 10, 23:59 EST, when World Top Up Day 2018 comes to an end and fees get back in business to make your top ups possible, continue to save! Because dear expats, World Top Up 2018 is just one chance to save on your acts of love aka top ups… technically speaking. It’s just the cherry on top.

Don’t forget you’ve got…

  • DAILY PROMOS running on the app and with bonuses of up to 600% EXTRA FREE credit.
  • Facebook giveaways and free top up prizes almost monthly.
  • Email notifications for Bonuses & Discounts, because we have no time to write so many letters, plus Promos come and go like hungry mice…

You got the point, right? :)

Takeaway to be OK…

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  • Tell the world “Expats are generous and display great volume of oxytocin since they support people back home. They are adapters and fighters and in this context “all you need is love”. ;)
  • Expats are the #1 category recharging mobile credit for other people.
  • World Top Up Day 2018 has been launched in 2015 by to celebrate their generosity and take it out of discretion land.
  • Save the date: November 10, when all fees drop and you can save big on your top ups to relatives worldwide.
  • Don’t miss the rest of the year! Promos come and go every day, and to stay tuned you can Subscribe to the spam-free newsletter (promise to send only treats, no sweets… to boost your sugar level in vain.
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