Unlimited internet in Cuba and calling credit bonus for Cuban expats’ families

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Starting Monday, October 9, a new Cubacel offer is here with unlimited internet in Cuba, and plenty of international mobile credit as a bonus. This new Cubacel promotion runs until October 14, 2023. It takes seconds to top up on MobileRecharge.com or using the MobileRecharge app.

When Cubans abroad recharge Cubacel numbers to keep the conversation going on Cuba Independence Day, they’ll send a generous bonus of up to 150 GB + 500 Mins + 400 SMS + Unlimited internet. This includes unlimited internet in Cuba at night, extra GB of data during the day, and hundreds of calling minutes for a minimum purchase of 500 CUP.

The bonus is valid for 30 days and the credit can be used for international calls and SMS.

Bonus in October… explained

In a nutshel, the new Cubacel promotion in October brings a combo BONUS: Data, Minutes & SMS for FREE.

Curious about the bonus amounts according to the value of the purchase on MoileRecharge.com or the MobileRecharge app? Btw, the app is free to install.

BONUS: 30 GB + 100 Mins + 80 SMS + Unlimited Internet at night
It applies to the following top-up purchases: 500 CUP, 600 CUP and 700 CUP. The unlimited Internet at night means 00:00-07:00.

60 GB + 200 Mins + 160 SMS + Unlimited Internet at night

This bonus applies to the following top-up purchases: 1000 CUP, 1125 CUP or 1250 CUP top-ups. The unlimited Internet at night means 00:00-07:00.

120 GB + 400 Mins + 320 SMS + Unlimited Internet at night

Bonus applies to top-ups of a minimum of 2000 CUP. The unlimited Internet at night means 00:00-07:00.

150 GB + 500 Mins + 400 SMS + Unlimited Internet

The biggest bonus is available for top-ups of 2500 CUP. The automatic bonus is 150 GB + 500 Mins + 400 SMS + Unlimited Internet (00:00-07:00)… that is at night. Free SMS is included for each top-up, as with any mobile recharge to Cuba, of course.

10 IMPORTANT things to remember about this new Cubacel promotion

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  1. The promo ends on October 14th, 2023, Cuba time.
  2. The unlimited internet is valid from 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM.
  3. The bonus is valid for 30 days, while the main balance you paid for is active for 330 days.
  4. The bonus minutes and SMS are valid for international calls and messages.
  5. With the GB data bonus and the unlimited internet for Cuba, users can access all national and international websites.
  6. If a Cubacel customer has active bonuses from previous promotions, they will add up to the bonuses from this promotion.
  7. In case your relative in Cuba has active combined plans, data packages (GB), voice plans, SMS plans, and LTE packages from previous promotions, those bonuses do not add up to the current.
  8. The Cubacel customer will receive an SMS notification when the bonus is close to expiring.
  9. Free of charge: your relative can check the credit by dialing 222266# or 222BON# for the bonus, and  *222# for the main balance.
  10. To maximize the bonus, we’ll divide your top-ups of 1000 CUP and above into separate top-ups. Recharges may arrive several minutes apart.

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Wrap up!

The new Cubacel offer brings international mobile credit and unlimited data for Cubans.
Cubans abroad can make the best of this bonus if they send their top-ups to Cuba between October 9-14, 2023 (Cuba time).

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