The Ultimate Expat Guide to Gift Card DEALS for Black Friday gift cards for USA and abroad

Black Friday enthusiasts are gearing up for a shopping extravaganza, and this year, the spotlight is on something everyone loves: Gift Cards!  So, we drafted a brief guide for expats and residents in the USA for gift card deals for Black Friday. Both for friends in and relatives in the USA as well as those overseas. The online purchase is easy and fast (1 minute at most) and the delivery immediate, no matter the distance. Let’s unwrap the best Gift Card deals that Black Friday has to offer on

Thjanks to their accessible prices, all deals are also available for the holiday season. Bonuses are also available on Promotions page. But anyway, gift cards are diverse. From entertainment and gaming gift cards to rides, mobile credit and diverse shopping, these deals are not just about giving – they’re also about treating yourself to savings. Time and money!

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Who is this useful for? Expats and USA residents to Gift Card DEALS for Black Friday in the USA but also abroad.

Why GIFT CARDS instead of material stuff?  There are several reasons… distance, purchase ease, easy safe payment, instant delivery to the friend or relative, personal gift, no hassle, practical and more valuable because it may include experience/adventure. 

Gift Cards deals for Black Friday – USA Xbox Live gift card on in seconds

As you navigate the Black Friday frenzy, don’t forget to consider the gift of choice – Gift Cards! With these exclusive deals, you can be the holiday hero without breaking the bank. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to make this Black Friday your most festive and frugal one yet.

Selecting gift cards based on your relatives’ preferences is a thoughtful and personalized way to show you care. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose the perfect gift cards:

  • Pay attention to their interests, and consider their hobbies. Do they enjoy watching Netflix, cooking shows, listening to music while walking or gaming? Tailor the gift card to match their passion or habits.
  • Consider their life-style. If they would love for example Netflix, but they have other expenses these days, you may consider it. Or if your family lives in Cuba, you may consider a gift card for Ko Moni Mercado.
  • Ask subtly or check their wishes if you’re not sure…  Try asking casual questions about their preferences or checking their online wishlists. Social media platforms or wish list apps can offer valuable insights.

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Of course, sending online gifts is the easiest way. On one hand because it saves you time. But it’s also saving the situation when distance is a challenge. Plus, you avoid the hassle of Black Friday rush.

Buy them rides in the USA… or abroad

Why would I send Uber Gift Card or Flixbus to someone in the USA? Safety, last-minute gift, savings and more…
Well, sending an Uber Gift Card or Flixbus balance to someone in the USA (or abroad) can be a thoughtful and practical gift for several reasons:
  1. Transportation convenience. By sending an Uber Gift Card, you’re offering the recipient a reliable way to get around, especially if they don’t have their vehicle or if public transportation is less accessible. And let’s not forget: Uber provides a convenient and flexible mode of transportation.
  2. It can be particularly useful for someone who commutes regularly for daily work, travel or occasional trips. Such a Gift Card helps cover transportation expenses.
  3. Safe and reliable transportation. Uber and Flixbus are transparent means. So, they are often considered a safe and reliable transportation option. If you want to ensure the recipient gets home safely or reaches a destination without concerns, an Uber Gift Card provides a secure travel alternative.
  4. Special events. Gift Cards are handy during special occasions when transportation needs might vary. It could be used for a night out, attending parties, or any event where a designated driver is needed.
  5. Tourism kit. For visitors or tourists in a new city, an Uber Gift Card can be a convenient way to explore the area without worrying about navigating public transportation or renting a car.

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Please remember Gift Cards DEALS for Black Friday are not only for the USA. Expats can also benefit to send them to their relatives in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America. Here’s MORE about how to send Uber gift cards abroad. 

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