To watch tonight: movies about TRUST and the power of giving

“Only the unity of all can bring out the well-being of all.” — Robert Muller

Generosity on TV

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“What shall we watch tonight?” A question so present in our vocabulary that it beats “I’m hungry”. Yet, a movie can open the trust can for you and feed your spirit, or close it down on you to showcase a cruel and competitive world. Which way will you pick to raise your kids or live throughout the pandemic? We see how trust is being broken by distance and suspicion in this covid era. Yet, trust is essential for human existence. We need it restored, and we can see that happening by new solidarity movements, new generous actions and new support-communities.

So, this article will focus on some movies to watch tonight or in the future, whenever you feel the need to restore trust and generosity in you. It’s not by accident that this became our interest this week.

World Top Up Day: solidarity and gifts for givers


World Top Up Day is getting close (November 10). We’ll repay giver’s generosity with gifts, and we’ll set up a new big Kiva donation with everyone of you participating. Without you even knowing. It’s on us, but your top up pushes the donation button.

So, basically promos and giveaways as a solidarity party to say thank you for demonstrating the power of giving applied when sending mobile top ups to your folks, on and on, in silence. So, World Top Up Day 2020 is about small and big support.

Giving is giving, no matter the scale.

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What could we give, share, offer if we would not trust ourselves, the others, the future, a better life, solutions? This is the connection between trust and generosity and solidarity. These two (generosity and solidarity) on the other hand build trust and are set on trust. And since no one could say for sure if trust, generosity and solidarity started as norms or manifested as basic human traits, one thing is sure. Trust and generosity aka solidarity are strong human needs that elevate the spirit. We’ve say the most important human traits ever. And here at we see that coming every day. Literally.

Giving as a personal gesture

There are thousands of expats supporting folks back with mobile credit, hundreds of citizens making top ups for their relatives stuck in the house out of infirmity, pandemic or age. Or living in neighbouring USA towns where it’s a bit of a hassle to top up your mobile phone,. People help people for economic reasons as well as to ease their lives covering duties they cannot fulfil themselves.

Glocal giving

That’s on a personal level, yet on a global level look what the pandemic did. It broke us, yet it also broke the ice. Solidarity got glocal (local and global). New communities glue up with trust around good intentions. Some started to support with medical supplies, new jobs, online training, challenges to fight boredom and loneliness during the lockdown, to raise funds for less privileged countries or social categories. You probably have your own examples.

1. The Untouchables (2012)

You’ve got material interests, then trust, then friendship so mutual trust. And the rest of the story is pure giving, altruism. A job that could be simply a mechanical adult-sitting turns into an adventurous friendship.

2. Patch Adams (1998)

Why Patch Adams is #2 in this list? It’s a true story, a touching case, a model we admire here at We’re not alone.

See i became a doctor because of the movie Patch Adams. – Dr. House :D (Hend Al Thani on YouTube)

The trailer…

It may only have 6.8 scoring on IMDB, but really, the story behind is impressive. Robin Williams plays a guy, Hunter “Patch” Adams, who in real life got labelled as “crazy” and was institutionalized for a while, to later become a cool physician (paediatrician?)  and build the first social hospital in the USA. Only because he enjoyed and enjoys helping people. He ventured where no doctor had ventured before, using humour and pathos. So much compassion and humour!

And now, check the real character at TEDx

3. Humans series (2015 – 2018)

Directed by  Yann Arthus-Bertrand, this is a series worth to watch tonight if you have 3 hours to invest in a deep meditation. The series (shot between 2015 and 2018) includes many voices and angles which finally makes a fresco of humanity with its down side, as well as its good side. Which is the witty focus point.

In a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’ – a highly-developed robotic servant that’s so similar to a real human it’s transforming the way we live. (IMDB)

There’s a Native American saying: “Any persons whom you have ever met, even if you have just exchanged a glance on a bus, have become part of your being and consequently you are, in some sense, responsible for them.” Films such as Human create that kind of exchange. We are grateful to Bertrand for this extraordinary documentary that moves us from “Me to We” as our hearts, minds, and senses merge with others in the spiritual journey of unity. (

IMDB Humans


4. Solidarity, the documentary

5. Pride (2014) – very cool comedy

Directed by Matthew Warchus after a screenplay by the writer Stephen Beresford, the comedy is a great entangled story about solidarity between two social classes that apparently would have nothing in common: the traditionalists miners in a small village outside the big cities, and the gay community on the rise in the U.K.. The gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984. To later get support back from the village community. You’ll enjoy it and it will touch you, definitely, since borders melt in front of empathy and solidarity.

If you need a more objective list (well, questionable of course), you may want to check out IMDb’s agenda on “Generosity”.

Any thoughts on the power of giving? Maybe a personal story worth sharing with this community? Or a movie you may add to the list? Please leave your comment below for us all to connect. Or hurry to…