Expat apps for iOS, including one to help you load a mobile from your iPhone

Expats using iPhones make the majority of smartphone users in the USA, as well as other parts of the world. Are you one of them? Then you probably know that while there are plenty of apps out there to help you adapt to the new life, there are few to keep you connected to the older one, the country where you were born and all the people you know back there. So, we made an inventory of the most used expat apps on iPhones versus the ones missing or hard-to-find, including the app we know best that helps you load a mobile from your iPhone.

What expat apps are YOU using/missing?

iPhone users living in the diaspora, like any iPhone user, customize their smartphone with all sorts of apps. But expat-related ones are part of their surviving kit. From expat apps that help you get around in the new country, to language apps, banking and finance tools to help you convert and manage your budget, to travel apps, entertaining apps, productivity apps, they are all for your present way of living, which is perfect, but not enough, right?

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Staying in the now, you can manage around with Google Maps, CityMaps2Go and Where to Go?  You can find them all on App Store and will give you all the necessary info to reach a specific address, and includes updated maps for all major cities and towns.

If you’re looking for a job or you’re walking around to visit,  SitORSquat: Restroom Finder will also be useful. It does what it says. It “virtually serves as a social network focused on helping you to find the closest sanitary restroom” and also view the rating. You never know… :)

If you’re traveling around by bus or train, you’ll find Transit Directions by Moovit most useful. It conveys real-time bus and train updates for over 800 cities. Just try it if it’s missing from your iPhone.

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Language apps? Google Translate is the translator in your pocket, and Duolinguo will do for your first diving lessons into the new language. But there’s a trending interactive cool app we’ve tried and recommend called Babbel. What makes it cool is that it helps you learn the new language in a short time. It is really fun and uses fast learning techniques. Even the linguists among us, the MobileRecharge team, were amazed to find this out.

Let’s get to money, which is a big deal when you’re a new entry expat… You will find Mint helpful. It’s personal finance tool that will give you an idea of how much you spend and how much you need. XE Currency will be also cool for a while until you get used to convert in your mind, but you may keep it when you travel or if you moved in a country with extreme currency fluctuations, which means you must have a love-related reason to do that. :)

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Since we mentioned traveling, we have a list of expat apps too: Skyscanner for those traveling on a budget, Hipmunk for travel-booking again, Travista that has the Visa requirements included for 200 countries, and Triplt for all inclusive traveling.

Entertaining is top of the list though. Try Gravy to find events, Foodspotting for specific dishes and best rates in town closer to you. Don’t miss out UNESCO World Heritage Sites! That would be the perfect app when you need to visit your host country.

iPhone apps to keep you CONNECTED to those back home

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OK, there are many, from Facebook and Messenger to Whatsapp. BUT what do you do if the person you want to talk to does not have the same app installed on their smartphone? Or worse, what if they don’t have a smartphone? We found KeepCalling that covers for that. You have the iOS app installed, and can make calls from your app to any phone in the world, whether landlines or old school phone, flip phone, payphone or smartphone. You name it! No effort needed from the person you call.

How to load a mobile from your iPhone with MobileRecharge app

There is another aspect few helping articles or guides talk about. Part of staying connected to the older life, expats continue or start to support family and friends back home once they have moved abroad. Since they start to grow financially, there’s room for sharing. You know what we’re talking about, right?

You may have noticed that apps facilitating transfer of goods from country to country become more and more popular. It’s now possible to cover for utilities and bills for your family, despite long-distance. It’s online, and online is safer and easier. For the moment we can recommend two of these apps: Western Union for money transfers as an iPhone alternative to SendMoney desktop app, and MobileRecharge app for mobile credit transfers.

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MobileRecharge app helps you load a mobile from your iPhone in one of the countries available. It is fast, suitable for smartphone beginners as well as techie minds, and it’s hyper safe. The service is certified by Verified & Secured, BBB, and TRUSTe. The app is highly rated on Trustpilot. Just go through the reviews and you’ll find many of the personal stories there familiar. Oh, and you can see daily promotions running under your nose. If you’re originally from Latin America or the Caribbean, you’re the luckies, since offers for these regions are literally daily.

And that could be a relative’s cellular phone or a friend’s abroad. It could come as a gift or as a regular support. Whatever the reason, MobileRecharge app is coming in hand on your customized iPhone screen.

Most of the fans on MobileRecharge.com use iPhones. You probably know that their arguments for using an iPhone could convince even an Android fan to switch devices. Yet, it’s not enough to use quick processing and sync when you’re an expat, if you haven’t customized your iPhone Screen according to your expat needs. Make a plethora of apps to serve your present life and help you adapt and move around easily, and get KeepCalling and MobileRecharge app to call internationally and load a mobile from your iPhone, wherever you need in the world.


Here’s the gist:

  • iPhone users are a huge community, but expats who use iPhones have more or less similar customized screens.
  • Most apps available for expats mainly focus on ways to adapt to the expat life, the new place and language.
  • Expats need apps to connect to the older life, and the people back home. Some of these apps are the famous Messenger and Whatsapp or Facebook, but these solve the issue partially. The person at the other end needs the same app on their phone. KeepCalling is a good alternative to avoid any efforts on the part of the interlocutor abroad, and Mobilerecharge app helps with mobile credit transfers in seconds.
  • MobileRecharge app for iOS helps you load a mobile from you iPhone for your parents, other family members or friends in your native country.
  • Distance is not important, MobileRecharge app hosts daily promos and is 100% safe.
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