Food challenge brings 4th of July prizes for expats and natives

Americans abroad have their ways to celebrate the 4th of July, but what about expats in the USA? What does that mean to them? Americans can get together with other fellows in the diaspora for a BBQ or meet in an American-themed bar. The lonely ones get to watch a patriotic movie in the middle of #Abroads, like a star in a sea of blue stripes. :) Expats in the USA get to experience the phenomenon upside down, if we may say so… They take on the American stripped and starred skin, and a bit of American flavor into their DNA.

We have 3 challenges for YOU, expat guys and gals in the USA! But these are also challenges for natives in the USA who want to try something else this year.

Our favorite is of course the food challenge on timeline. It will be interesting for both expats and natives, considering we’re going to be voting American food. All votes enrol automatically into a draw for free mobile top-ups to someone abroad or personal cellular phone. That’s only one challenge we have on our mind!

Challenge #1: Acknowledge

Busy with your expat life, your new friends and a demanding job, did you by any chance get the chance to sit still and realize you’ve made it? Yes, you’ve made it in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. No one can contradict the truth of the statement.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The USA anthem strengthens the initial plan of the USA: freedom, the rightful human right. You’ve been brave enough to decide to try to move abroad, pack, and take risks, go past borders, wait for papers, enroll for more papers, look for a job and a shelter, talk using your hands and all the gestures you had on you, learn the language, separate from family, from good and bad, including memories and Home, to get it right and new on another planet. You know what we’re talking about. So, you can bravely recognize the brevity in others who managed to fight in order to get this system straight and fair. You’re on the right planet in USA.

4th of July is a good moment to take all that in! Or any conclusions you’ve reached! Acknowledge your strengths and risks taken. Be proud you did it!

Challenge #2: Join a Facebook contest in your expat community

Expats in the USA meet again on Facebook page for a NEW contest. An eating competition, where there’s no need to chew and no worry about growing out! It’s more of a virtual challenge, a voting session where food is central. We won’t say more for now. Let yourself surprised. You deserve it. Warm up for the 4th of July prizes starting on July 2, 2018, on Facebook. So, you’re welcome!

P.S. To enter the draw for a free top up, you’ll only need to hit Like or Love to cast your vote. Hurry up, it’s OPEN until July 4, 2018. The 4th of July prizes will be awarded on July 5. And your reaction gets you automatically the chance to win a free top-up for you or someone back home.

Challenge #3: Meet USA at a deeper level

Photo by Andras Vas on Unsplash

The 4th of July is a day off you can use for anything you’ve been planning since you arrived here. So, what’s on your mind? You can visit one of the 8 best cities to feel the 4th of July. Especially if the 4th of July prizes don’t suit you. If you’re hunting for the best fireworks, consider traveling to Philadelphia, San Francisco or Boston, the Seafair Summer Fourth in Seattle or Calif in South Lake Tahoe. Are you living in the South, then Texas is the place, Kaboom Town to be more precisely. Tenn in Nashville is also a cool firework pool.

Those nostalgic for the beach back home can go check the best 4th of July beaches: Panama City Beach in Florida where nighttime shows are common. Or the famous Hilton Head in Carolina. If you’re around Florida, Destin is a must.

Or you can watch a documentary on the historical radiography of the 4th of July while waiting for the 4th of July prize draw on Facebook. Or just wander the streets and meet the real America. Surprises check in easily in the USA. Who knows who you’ll meet!

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