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Let’s face it. Most of the times when you hear “free top ups” think twice. If it’s not a contest or some clear decent giveaway, it’s most probably scam, or services looking to add you to their database or else. To us it’s a fair tradition on World Top Up Day, and the reason is to annually giveback and support expats who are in turn generous towards family and friends.

The NEW CONTEST on Facebook offers free top ups for 1 year to 3 people who will be randomly picked. It is open to anyone, expats helping folks back home, or independent top uppers who can use the winning mobile recharge coupon to top up their own mobile phone.

So, before you jump to Facebook search for new contests, or before you check offers in vain on Facebook marketplace, have a look at this fun challenge that can bring you local or international free top ups for 1 year.

The contest is open until November 9, the day before World Top Up Day 2020, and it only requires some friend tag in a comment. No big effort, only a bit of socializing within the community.

About the prize: free top ups for 1 year

The prize consists of 12 free top ups to use during 1 year. Winners can choose to send them all at once from or MobileRecharge app to different people. Or send a regular top up to one or more family members or friends during few months (up to 1 year).

The third option is to split the 12 free top ups between the personal phone and others, that is use the prize to top up your own cell phone and others’. Or limit yourself to loading your own phone alone. Many options.

Talking about options, the top up is valid for local mobile top up or international mobile recharge online.

As we said before, one can deliver the free top ups using or using MobileRecharge top up app.

YOU & World Top Up Day 2020

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If you’re an expat, an independent top upper, a daughter or son helping taking the hassle off your family shoulders… This day for you!

Every year on November 10 and the week before we come together (team, expats, locals) to celebrate the power of giving. We’re now hitting 5 years of World Top Up Day and are up for giving back to our fans and new people visiting us, who are interested in online mobile top ups.

It all started in 2015 with an idea to talk openly and publicly about less visible givers like expats helping folks back home or locals helping family from the distance. We started to offer gifts to our fans and facilitate collective donation to Kiva, on us but on people’s behalf.

If you’re curios for more, here’s an article we’ve just published on how World Top Up Day impacts people and how people can impact challenged communities on World Top Up Day.

MORE free top ups in the future

Well, we cannot help it. :)

Those already strolling around in the MobileRecharge Facebook community know that free top ups are usual prizes there. To make a confession, we don’t like the academic side of a contest, we’d rather go easy-peasy. So, changes to get free top ups in MobileRecharge contests are pretty big. Just enrol with a comment. Big deal, but no big deal, if you know what we mean… :)

If you’re not on Facebook (really, you’re not?!)…

There’s the Promotions page on the website, Oh, also the app. And there are daily Bonuses running. A good way to save.

Interested in top up deals by email?

We’ve got that too. Just subscribe to get offers by email, we won’t spam you >>

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