How expats support local businesses in challenged communities on November 10

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If we told you that you are about to support local businesses in challenged communities by simply going along doing your regular mobile top up, you’d say it’s unlikely, right? But that’s exactly what happens automatically if you top up a mobile on November 10 on or from MobileRecharge app.

Yes, imagine that in a matter of seconds you’ll actually help a struggling fish seller in Haiti or a group of women in Tonga with their tiny tapa business.

Zero investment on your part. Because it’s on us, on your behalf!

How is it possible to make a donation with zero money?

Kiva supporter

MobileRecharge has been supporting Kiva for a long time via MobileRecharge team members. In 2019 we made one step forward and brought the MobileRecharge community in the game too. On November 10, 2019, all top ups that went through the platform and the app, counted as a trust vote for a future donation to Kiva from MobileRecharge, on behalf of its voting community. That simple!

Mainly because rethinking giving became a must for World Top Up Day team and fans. And solidarity is the easiest way to make dreams come true and help communities develop.

And since feedback was great among expats after the event in 2019, we decided to repeat the collective donation this year, on the same terms.

HOW CAN I DONATE to Kiva people and support local businesses in poor communities worldwide?

Support among communities is the new giving.

Kiva people


Very simple, this is how it works.

  1. Top up a mobile far away or your own cellphone on November 10. You’ll enjoy a SURPRISE plus simple instant action will hit the SUPPORT button automatically. No extra effort or money needed on your part to donate, we’ll take care of that. 
  2. We’ll register your vote to support local businesses and WE’LL MAKE A DONATION ON YOUR BEHALF to Kiva after November 10,  as a collective donation.
  3. KIVA, the organization that supports entrepreneurs and education in challenged societies, will match our donation. Wow, right?!
  4. Late December we’ll send you an email with all updates, of course you’ll get it if you’re subscribed to get updates.

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KIVA? Tell me more…

This year, all recharges going through on November 10 will push a KINDNESS button.

So, once again…

Your top up on November 10 not only will be a great support for your folks, but it will automatically help someone in need make a change in his/her community. You’ll invest in change! Let me tell you more…



Good question! Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 in San Francisco, that manages crowdfunding loans for ambitious people in underserved communities.

These people strive to set up a business, but don’t have financial support from the state or other entities. We’ll show you some cases below to have an idea what we’re talking about or visit KIVA yourself.

MobileRecharge supports Kiva

Through Kiva’s activity, students can pay for tuition, women can start businesses, farmers are able to invest in equipment and families can afford needed emergency care. Kiva hosts eco-friendly businesses, and focuses on people working in agriculture, education, refugees, war-conflict areas, etc.

Wrap up for November 10

World Top Up Day 2020

  1. Your top up on November 10 not only will be a great support for your folks, but it will automatically help someone in need make a change in his/her community. So, you’ll support local businesses in challenged communities by simply making your regular top up.
  2. You get a SURPRISE on November 10 that will help your mobile recharges go smoother… Let’s say you’ll save big on your top ups to friends, yourself, or your far-away family members.
  3. Enjoy top up Bonuses on and MobileRecharge app.
  4. We celebrate together solidarity and the power of giving and connect with other communities worldwide, like Kiva or SendMoney.
  6. Or open up a free account >>